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DPS Skis Warranty Program

DPS Will - Lifetime Warranty

Effective August 30, 2023, all DPS Full Carbon Skis purchased after July 1, 2022  (currently consisting of the Kaizen, Pagoda Tour, Pagoda, Pagoda Piste, Lotus and Powderworks models which are referred to herein as the “DPS Full Carbon Ski Products”) purchased new direct from DPS Skis or an authorized DPS Skis dealer come with a lifetime limited warranty (the “Lifetime Warranty”) against manufacturer defects, subject to the limitations and exclusions described below. 

Paired with our lifetime warranty is the DPS Will & Testament. So you can pass your skis down and let the lifetime warranty live on.

Already Registered? Click here to download your DPS Will & Testament.

Two-Year Warranty

All other DPS Products including Koala, Foundation, Hybrid, Hybrid T2, Pure, Alchemist, Grom Skis, Poles, Apparel, DPS Branded Bindings, DPS Branded Skins, and Luggage purchased new from DPS Skis or authorized dealers come with a two-year warranty (the “Two-Year Warranty”) against manufacturer defects, subject to the limitations and exclusions described below.  Non-DPS Branded Touring and Alpine Ski Bindings (the “Non-DPS Bindings”) are covered separately by the manufacturer’s limited warranty.  We require that your ski bindings are mounted and tested by a certified/trained ski technician each year.

To qualify for DPS Lifetime and Two-Year warranty programs, you must register your new DPS products. This quick and easy process ensures proof of original ownership and grants you access to the benefits of the warranty programs.

Register Your DPS Product(s)

Lifetime Warranty
Full Carbon Skis built after July 1, 2022
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Two-Year Warranty
All other DPS Products
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DPS Products purchased through a demo program, or purchased used from any seller are not eligible for either the Lifetime or Two-Year Warranty. 


Limitations and Exclusions: 

While we strive to make our DPS Products as durable as possible, neither the Lifetime Warranty nor the Two-Year Warranty covers damage caused by excessive impacts or abuse.  This includes impact damage to the base and edges and tails of our DPS Ski Products that results from any of the following but are not limited to: 

  • Rocks, trees, and other natural terrain features. 
  • Any custom changes to the ski.
  • Gondolas, chairlifts, storage racks, base area plazas, walkways, roads, parking lots, vehicles and airline travel. 
  • Mistaking your skis for walking sticks or shot skis.  
  • Improper storage.  
  • Oxidized or rusted hardware. 
  • Tuning machines, stone or belt grinders, waxes, solvents, cleaners and polishes.
  • Improper use of infrared waxing or iron waxing techniques.
  • Cosmetic/top edge damage to the top sheet. 
  • Improper or defective service, including mounting or adjustment of the bindings, including bindings pulling out of the ski board.  
  • Vandalism or theft. 
  • Normal wear and tear associated with skiing. 
  • Continuing to use DPS Products after first discovering initial defect or damage. 

The following exclusions also apply to both the Lifetime Warranty and the Two-Year Warranty: 

  • Only the original purchaser is eligible to submit a warranty claim under either the Lifetime Warranty or Two-Year Warranty. 
  • DPS is not responsible for any costs associated with remounting, tuning, renting replacement skis or otherwise incurred by the owner as a result of making a warranty claim. 
  • DPS is not responsible for reimbursement of costs for lift tickets, rental skis, travel and lodging expenses. 

Terms and conditions of DPS Lifetime and Two-Year Warranty programs are subject to change at any time without notice.

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