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PHANTOM Glide Base Cleaner


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A clean base is a fast base. Elevate your ski or snowboard performance from the ground up with our Base Cleaner.

Designed to provide the ideal foundation for better glide, this spray-on formula thoroughly removes dirt, skin glue, and other stubborn contaminants that can negatively impact glide. Eliminating unwanted base contaminants sets the stage for a better application of PHANTOM Glide, and ensures your equipment performs at its peak.  

-Single 4 oz. bottle of Base Cleaner 
-Easy spray on formula  
-Removes a variety of base contaminants  

What is PHANTOM Glide™ Base Treatment?

PHANTOM Glide is a permanent, high-performance base treatment for skis and snowboards that increases hydrophobicity and improves glide performance across a variety of snow conditions. PHANTOM Glide is not wax. PHANTOM Glide differs from traditional wax because wax is not permanent. Wax is a temporary glide solution that functions only by coating the top layer of your base. After just a few runs, traditional wax wears off and glide performance diminishes.

How does it work?

With its patent-pending polymer technology, PHANTOM Glide uses microscopic short chain compounds to penetrate and diffuse into the unstructured sections of your ski or snowboard base. Think of it as water filling a jar of marbles, just on a molecular level. Traditional wax is not capable of doing this because wax molecules are too large to move through the base material. After PHANTOM Glide has been absorbed into the base, UV light is used to activate the curing process, permanently bonding PHANTOM Glide to the base material. This can be accomplished using a PHANTOM Glide Cure Station or natural, outdoor sunlight. After a single finishing pass with a roto brush or PHANTOM Glide Polishing Pad, your base(s) are fully treated and ready to glide.

Why do I need it?

Simply put, PHANTOM Glide makes skiing and snowboarding more fun. Beyond that, there are three key benefits of PHANTOM Glide: Permanence: Waxing skis and snowboards is time-consuming and for optimal results, it needs to be done frequently. With just one application of PHANTOM Glide, your bases are effectively treated, and will provide you with increased glide for the life of your ski or board. Continuously buying and dripping wax onto your bases gets expensive, especially if you’re getting it done by a shop a few times a season. PHANTOM Glide is a one-time investment that pays for itself each time you go skiing or snowboarding. Performance: Increased glide allows for better control and predictability on snow, creating an overall better experience on the mountain. It’s a game changer for both skiers and snowboarders. Environment: PHANTOM Glide possesses no environmental harm, and it doesn’t wear off in the snow and end up downstream. We pride ourselves on being an industry leader with our eco-conscious base treatment.

Cure Station

PHANTOM can be applied professionally by an Authorized PHANTOM Installer using a Cure Station. This process takes approximately 20 minutes with minor preparation. Cure Station application, available at select DPS dealers, is the most precise and fastest method to apply PHANTOM to skis or snowboards, and is a reliable all-season solution during the low light winter months, especially in more extreme latitudes, and in wetter climates where sunshine isn’t as consistent.


FAQ: Application (Prep, Curing, and Appearance)

FAQ: Warranty and Repair