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Built In The Wasatch

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Founded in 2005, with the vision to make perfect skis worthy of those who live and breathe the sport.

NEW DPS | ATK Bindings.

As we tested, developed, and perfected our Pagoda Tour ski line, we realized that the potential of our skis is truly unlocked by a worthy ski binding. Our touring skis beg for alpine binding performance, and left us with a desire for more when paired with the available lightweight binding options. Through countless dawn patrol mornings and endless hours of tinkering, we’ve developed two bindings in collaboration with ATK that's uniquely DPS.

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PHANTOM is a permanent, one-time application, waxless base treatment that forever eliminates the need for waxing skis and snowboards. PHANTOM’s patent-pending polymer technology offers ultimate convenience combined with great glide performance that never wanes across all snow temperatures, and for the life of a ski or snowboard’s use.


New DPS | Truck Glove Line.

Purpose-built for all-day comfort and warmth. We developed the DPS glove line in collaboration with Truck Gloves to support our family in the Wasatch and ensure that our involvement in ski culture promotes the best products available.

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