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The DPS Area Rep Program

What is the DPS Area Rep program?

DPS area reps are skiers who appreciate the DPS vision to build the perfect ski and want to help us spread the word in their communities.  Area reps are leading the charge in our efforts to build the brand from the roots of skiing.

Thanks to the help of a few well connected and passionate representatives we’ve built a dedicated following in key ski communities such as Haines, Jackson and Aspen.  We hope to continue our grassroots efforts by securing local reps in other ski communities throughout North America.

What is the job like?

The primary goal of an area rep is to build awareness about DPS skis.  Some of the key ways an area rep builds awareness in their communities:

  • Help ski patrollers, ski instructors and other ski industry professionals get signed up for the DPS pro-form program.
  • Spread the word about DPS to core skiers and other influencers in your community.
  • Visit local ski shops to make sure they know about DPS Skis. 
  • Visit existing DPS dealers and ensure they are being adequately serviced.
  • Hold events and demos in your community.
  • Generate blog posts, images and other media for us to use in marketing materials.
  • Provide feedback as to how DPS can serve your community better.


Typically, the area rep job only requires a few hours of work each week during the ski season.  Most area reps are already spending the bulk of their free time on the snow so it’s minimal extra work to spread the message while you’re out skiing.

What’s in it for you? 

  • A chance to be involved with the most progressive ski company on earth. 
  • Earn a commission on sales you generate. 
  • Any feedback provided from our Area Reps is taken very seriously.  Have a voice in a company that is shaping the future of ski design. 
  • If you love spending time on the ski hill and riding the best skis on earth - you might as pick up some commissions while you're at it.
  • DPS will help you hold events and parties in your community.
  • You’ll get to check out new product before it gets released to the public.


What type of candidate are we looking for?

If you are passionate about skiing, well-connected at your local ski area and love talking about trick carbon fiber skis you’re probably a great candidate. Bonus points for those who are interested in hosting events or creating content for the DPS blog.

You don’t have to be a ski-industry insider or professional skier to be a great area rep.  Some of our best area reps have day jobs in engineering or sales, and others are outdoor professionals who make their living on the mountain. 

The number one criterion for a great candidate is passion for ski culture and excitement about DPS Skis.

Where to sign up?

You can apply online at  If your submission blows our minds we’ll follow up to talk about your vision for DPS in your community.

Apply now.

Interested in helping us build the DPS brand outside of North America?

We’re always excited to talk to people who are interested in helping us grow the DPS brand outside of North America.  E-mail us if you’ve got ideas: NA at