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DPS Receives Top Honors in Utah

DPS Named 19th of Utah’s 100 fastest growing companies by MountainWest Capital Network DPS is proud to be named 19th among Utah’s 100 fastest growing companies by MountwainWest Capital Network. The 100 businesses were announced yesterday at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, UT. “We are excited to be named to this very prestigious group of Utah-based companies,” said Alex Adema, COO of DPS Skis. "We our fortunate to have assembled an incredible team that is extremely talented and passionate about the work we do at DPS Skis.  Since relocating our corporate headquarters to Salt Lake City approximately six years ago, we have since been able to bring the majority of our manufacturing back to the U.S. from overseas, while growing our brand substantially throughout North America and abroad.” Stephan Drake and Peter Turner founded DPS in 2005. At the time of inception there didn’t exist a ski brand that combined the lifestyle dedication to the sport and progressive equipment manufacturing. In 2012, the company re-shored their flagship Pure3—aerospace-grade carbon ski construction from China to Utah. Drake notes, “Our journey is marked by a sense of perseverance. It was a rocky road, and we really bootstrapped it.” This year the Utah factory and headquarters facilitated the launch of DPS’ newest construction: Tour1, a targeted lightweight backcountry lineup of skis. Referencing the company’s recent growth and innovation, Adema explains, “we're excited to be recognized by MountwainWest Capital Network and to be an active member of the Utah business community."