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Ingredients that make the difference...

Ingredients found in DPS skis represent the most complete and advanced package of materials available in skis today. The DPS construction pyramid and shaping options provides unparalleled and comprehensive choice for skiers across all terrains, catering to personal styles and on-snow preferences. A DPS skier can reach into the expansive quiver and find a tool that mates for individual needs. Integral to each DPS construction is a commitment to sourcing the finest ingredients available in each build. We use the most advanced materials available, which ultimately provides skiers supreme quality, longevity, and performance. Not to mention, confidence. Whether riding an AK spine, or nuking rock-hard Vermont ice, it’s what’s inside the shape beneath your feet that ultimately quiets your inner voice.  Examine the components found in any of four DPS constructions that make the difference to get the most from your chosen sport. Energy Savings via Aerospace Engineering DPS-ingredients-1 DPS skis are known for the amazing combination of reduced weight, but also being extremely powerful. This represents the holy grail in ski construction. Think, the most elite carbon road racing bikes, or a carbon tennis racket used at Wimbledon. DPS’ aerospace prepreg carbon fiber construction provides tremendous weight savings, while being the smoothest conduit of energy transfer from body to tool to snow. Ultimate performance, with maximum efficiency. Ultimate Value via Infinite Flex DPS-ingredients-2 The aerospace grade prepreg carbon found in Pure3 and Tour1 skis have the amazing ability to retain the same flex and feel with hard use. For example, DPS Pure3 skis will retain their original flex life after many seasons of hard use, while standard constructions noticeably lose their pop after as little as a few weeks. Ultimate value is achieved when a ski delivers the same consistency that you’d expect in any condition. You can anticipate and trust how the boards under your feel will react and perform. And if you’re savvy, there’s no need to retire the skis you love. Extreme Durability via the Finest Components DPS-ingredients-3 DPS’ four construction families use only the finest materials, from tip to tail, base to top sheet. We actively source the most advanced and durable materials, sparing no ingredient expense. We’re also proud that both Pure3 and Tour1 lines are exclusively and entirely built in our state-of-the-art factory in Salt Lake City, Utah. You’ll find the strongest Rockwell steel edges, ultra-durable polyamide tops to prevent chipping and scratching, the hardest (and fastest) World Cup race bases prevent rock damage, UHMW sidewalls (in Pure3, ABS sidewalls in the Hybrid lines) and the finest wood cores across all constructions.  Precise Terrain and Type Matching via Four Class-Leading Builds Pyramid-blogBody2 Pure3, Tour1Hybrid T2, and Hybrid, we are proud to offer a complete construction pyramid that gives the dedicated skier unparalleled and comprehensive choice towards maximizing precision and pleasure in any terrain, and allowing exacting choices towards honing on-snow personal preferences. Once you choose your DPS shape from the Lotus, Wailer, or Cassiar (learn more about Cassiar skis) families, you can then match it with one of four series leading constructions; each with their own distinctive and fine-tuned attributes. DPS reaches into every corner of a skier’s imagination when it comes to a ski’s layup, spanning the spectrum from high-tech Pure aerospace carbon (Pure3), metal race-room feel (Hybrid T2), composite (Hybrid), or super lightweight skis (Tour1)—all married with DPS’ rich design heritage. Timeless Ski Art via Iconic Presentation DPS-ingredients-5 The art on our skis is intentionally minimalistic and centers on the quiet mystery encountered during a slide across deep snow. When you ski deep powder, your mind is clear; our skis are a direct reflection of that state of mind. They’ve been this way since the beginning with no signs of changing. There’s also the added benefit of skiers not feeling the urge to constantly replace skis based on changing graphics. Our intention is that timeless ski art helps towards that mandate of loving and using what you own, longer. Legacy of Trust via an Obsession with Building the Perfect Ski DPS-ingredients-6 Skiers can trust that the skis they buy come from a heritage of innovation and quality. DPS introduced the world’s first and only Pure prepreg carbon fiber sandwich ski, the first 120mm powder pintail, transferred the word “rocker” from surfing to skiing—then built the first rockered ski with sidecut—and unleashed the Spoon and Spoon Technology. The fusion of space-age carbon technology and groundbreaking shaping has resulted in the world’s most advanced quiver of skis. The fusion of space-age carbon technology and groundbreaking shaping has resulted in the world’s most advanced quiver of skis. Lifts are spinning, get a precise ski fitting today by experts to match you with the perfect ski. DPS-dreamtime-blog-8  Contact one of more than three-hundred DPS dealers worldwide, representing the world’s finest shops, complete a DPS Ski Finder in a few easy minutes online, or call us at +1.801.413.1737, Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM MDT.