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DemoTour About. Face

The compass heading has turned 180 degrees.  We're turning from the rainy north west, and heading back to Jackson.  Do a little snow dance or something so there's tons of snow for Rider's Week.

As I mentioned, we've endured quite a lot of rain.  However, at the right elevation, the precip has yielded some very good conditions.  For a guy who has done most of his skiing in various continental snowpacks, this heavy, stick maritime stuff is a revelation.  When it's not wizzing rain, it's barfing snow, and like barf, it sticks to everything.  Despite my gross simile, this is actually a good thing.  In particular the snow in Washington at Alpental and Stevens Pass clung to spines and features that in the Central Rockies would be exposed rock and cliff.  If you've skied in the PNW, or live here, you know.  If you haven't or don't, you're missing out.  Just bring a rain jacket...

Anyhow, next up Jackson.  Rider's week.  See you there?