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The Birth of Tour1: A Novel Class-Leading Touring Construction

We proudly welcome our fourth ski construction to the DPS pyramid, Tour1, a novel platform of class-leading skis in the touring category that prioritizes a feathery weigh-in simultaneously delivering a high-performance descent—all infused with DPS’ renowned torsional stiffness, power, and craftsmanship. Tour1 represents an exciting new chapter in the DPS storyline. By creating a fourth ski construction, a touring-specific platform, we now have arguably the most targeted quiver anywhere. With four distinct ski constructions to choose from, dedicated skiers can acutely hone-in the exact construction for their skiing style, terrain use, and nuanced preferences. Our mid-season release of Tour1 is available in the same award-winning shapes that are the versatile performance workhorses of the DPS quiver, namely the Cassiar 95, Wailer 99, Wailer 112RP.2—all of which are $1050 USD. Tour1-blog-image7 Tour1 Highlights Include
  • An ultra-light backcountry specific touring construction.
  • An increased emphasis on weight savings for the ascent.
  • A reduced emphasis on inbound dampness.
  • A priority to maintain the classic DPS on-snow feel and performance for the descent.
  • Available in DPS’ award-winning shapes: Cassiar 95, Wailer 99, and Wailer 112RP.2
  • $1050 USD for each respective Tour1 model.
Tour1-blog-image1 Get to Know the Impetus for Tour1’s Birth To understand the birth of Tour1 we must provide context by looking back at the history and genesis of our flagship Pure3 construction. When we introduced the world’s first Pure Carbon Sandwich Construction skis ten years ago they were groundbreaking in terms of their physical properties—demonstrating more torsional stiffness and reactivity than skis on the alpine world cup. Pure3 skis were undoubtedly hyper-technical, yet on first touch many in the ski world perceived them as touring-specific simply because they were extremely light. What triggered this incorrect assumption? Notably, prior to Pure3’s arrival, the ski world was conditioned to think that ‘lightweight’ meant ‘low performance skiing’. To engineer a lightweight ski in the traditional fashion—using fiberglass laminates—manufacturers started with the same menu of materials in their alpine constructions and then proceeded to massively dilute each component to reduce weight: shave out the fiberglass content, move to lightweight woods and foams (which has close to the same modulus as fiberglass to begin with), and then soften the longitudinal flex. The net result is invariably flimsy torsional stiffness and soft rebound that translates to uninspiring performance on the downhill after a long uphill effort. Tour1-blog-image2 The intention of DPS’ Pure carbon construction was never to dilute, but rather to enhance performance while simultaneously shedding weight from a standard alpine build. The unique physical attributes of Pure3’s prepreg carbon build allowed us to accomplish this magic trick. We wanted to drop weight, not for touring per se, but primarily to enhance alpine performance. Lighter skis are quicker and more agile edge-to-edge, stoking more on-snow creativity. A residual by-product of a performance-driven lightweight mentality is more efficient backcountry travel, which is also a quantifiable bonus. Current Pure3 skis weigh 20-30 percent less than industry-standard composite fiberglass skis. However, they are not as svelte as the lightweight class of dedicated touring skis primarily because they were not created as touring specific skis. Pure3’s are designed as the ultimate performance build with minimal compromise in any application. Skiers charge the resort at high speeds on Pure3 builds, yet also tour incredibly well on them. You should be able to take a Pure3 anywhere and do anything with it. Apply Pure3 to a Cassiar 80SL and you can carve hard pack with unprecedented power. Apply it to a Spoon, and you have an amazingly powerful ski with huge floatation and reduced weight—light enough that you can still tour in deep powder. Tour1-blog-image3 Tour1 fills the quiver gap that Pure3 cannot by being 100 percent targeted for touring. Tour1 is designed as a specialized beast that prioritizes the weigh-in first. Yet, while the design objective was to match the weight range of skis in the existing touring-specific ski class, we upped the performance ante by infusing DPS’ carbon engineering expertise into the line. We aimed for downhill class-leading responsiveness, edge grip, dampening and power by employing a proprietary Tour1 carbon laminate that dominates the modulus of Tour1’s lightweight balsa core. The inaugural 15/16 Tour1 line exhibits strong downhill performance in the lightest DPS package available. Tour1 also puts Pure3 in proper context by speaking directly to the skier who is touring 100 percent of the time and values every gram of efficiency on the ascent without compromising the bliss and completion that comes with an epic run down. Meet the Tour1 Skis Tour1-blog-image6 Tour1-blog-image5 Tour1-blog-image4 To place a Tour1 order simply shop, or call 801.413.1737 M-F 10AM-6PM MDT, or visit our nearly three hundred dealers worldwide.