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Why You Should Pre-Order in the Spring

As spring arrives we’d like to offer you special pricing for all 2010/11 skis, including the much talked about Wailer 112RP, the new Women’s line, and the introduction of S.S. technology. This is a special pre-order offer that allows you to reserve next year’s skis now while ensuring special savings.

This will be the largest price discount of the coming 2010/11 season. Now is the time to secure the best prices. $500 down is all it takes for Pure skis and $300 down for Hybrids.

 The below offer is valid until June 7, 2010:

  • 10/11 Pure: Carbon+Nano skis featuring S.S. technology are 15% off next year’s retail price of $1199, which means $1019 after the discount.
  • 10/11 Hybrid: Fiberglass+Carbon+Bamboo skis at 15% off next year’s retail price of $729 to $799, or around $600 depending on which Hybrid model you choose. 
  • Pure skis only are eligible for free custom color choices if you pre-order by April 18.
  • Flex 3 skis will be available for order until April 18. Afterwards, only flex 2 skis will be available.
  • Normal Shipping charges apply: $40 to North America, $130 to EU/Global.
  • Skis will ship as soon as they’re in stock: that means mid-July for some models, with remaining models completed by mid-October. Free shipping applies anywhere in the world if you order three skis or more.
  • $500 is required upfront for Pure and $300 upfront for Hybrids. Your remaining balance will be charged shortly before your skis ship.

Get your spot in the lineup now. To place your pre-order, visit the ‘Skis’ section in the DPS online store to order.

                       The DPS Crew