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What's sold out on dpsskis.com for 2013-14

Due to high demand, we traditionally sell out of many of our skis early-to-mid-season. Below you will find a continually updated list of 13/14 skis that are sold out on dpsskis.com. Sold out for the season on dpsskis.com:
  • Spoon, 190cm (Special Edition Spoons are available, quantities extremely limited)
  • Lotus 120 Pure 197cm
  • Wailer 112RP Pure 190cm and 178cm
  • Wailer 112RP Hybrid 184cm, 178cm, 168cm
  • Yvette 112RP Pure 178cm
  • Yvette 112RP Hybrid 178cm
  • Wailer 99 Hybrid 192cm
  • Nina 99 Hybrid 168cm
All other skis are in stock on dpsskis.com, including a limited quantity of Special Edition skis. Shop now to ensure your get the ski you want before sell out. Please note: because a model is sold out on dpsskis.com doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to find it at one of our more than 250 retail partners worldwide. Find a dealer near you, or contact a dealer afar and they’ll happily ship to you.