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Spring Break 2010!

It's early spring here. 50 degrees in town. Huge dirt patches all over the Village. It's barely better than a few years ago but way worse than some other winter in 1990-whenever. Or something like that. 

Sure we've had better winters than this the past two years but sunny days and a few tiny shots of snowfall have made things really fun up here. Here are a few shots from the past week:

Early morning on Glory led to hellish dust on crust which somehow led to a pretty unique shot (the 200 120's don't have much trouble slashing, especially when it's frozen solid under the new snow):

JHMR reported 2" this day last week. No Name was skiing a little deeper with a little help from the wind:

After another 2" overnight we headed back to No Name on Sunday. As you can see it's all doom, gloom and spring break in the Village BC:

Thanks to Patrick Nelson for the first two photos and the iphone tilt shift app for the third. Hopefully we'll get a few more storms cycles this season and get back to deep pow, but if not I'm definitely not complaining.