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Snow Forecast Tools

In the heart of winter I often find myself watching weather for 10-12 different zones in 5 states as I plan my next storm-chasing mission. The only problem with my endless snow geekery is that it's the equivalent of a full time job for me to obsess over snotel forecasts, five different weather forecasts (do I believe NOAA or Weather Underground?) and every avy forecast I can find.  Lucky for me there are a bunch of new websites out there that help me understand where the snow is and let me obsess about other things (like whether todays pow forecast means I should be riding Lotus 120s or Lotus 138s.)  

A couple of my favorite new snow forecast sites:

Colorado Powder Forecast - This site is run by an actual meteorologist and powder enthusiast Joel Gratz.  Each week he issues an entertaining report giving a skiing specific forecast of where the powder will be falling in CO.  It's easy to sign up for a weekly e-mail and just about the time you start wondering "where will I find pow this weekend?" you've got an answer in your inbox. - This site (along with TetonSnowInfo and WesternSnowInfo) aggregates all the snow research tools you might look at in one easy to use site.  It doesn't offer a full forecast but it's certainly easier to peek at this dashboard instead of opening 12 different sites every time I want to know what's happening.  I'm not completely sold on the site layout and the ads are a little distracting but I guess the site owners have to pay their bills.  Regardless, a great resource for skiers.

And a request for the snow loving web-geeks - is there any site that aggregates snotel data?  Everyone knows snowfall reports from resorts are exaggerated and not to be trusted but the only alternative I know of is looking at snotel data.  Unfortunately the snotel sites aren't exactly optimized for skiers.  I'd love to see a site that aggregates info from all the snotel sites located near major skiing zones.  Does this exist?  If someone builds it I promise to give you props on the DPS blog.