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Salon Demo Fleet for Sale

The DPS Salon in Salt Lake City is listing skis from its demo fleet for sale, as we transition towards the 12/13 season. For more information, detailed pricing, and ski conditions, please contact Please reference the ski (s) you are interested in. Most models listed below are in a quantity of fewer than three pairs per listing, so acting fast is recommended. An overview of what is available includes: Mounted. Bindings can be removed; price range $430-1049:
  • Lotus 138 Pure 192 cm-Griffon
  • Lotus 138 Hybrid 182cm-Griffon
  • Lotus 120 Pure 178cm-Griffon
  • Lotus 120 Hybrid 184cm, 190cm-Griffon
  • Wailer 112RP Hybrid 178cm-Griffon and Jester
  • Yvette 112RP Hybrid 168cm, 178cm-Griffon
  • Wailer 99 Hybrid 168cm, 176cm, 184cm-Griffon, HammerHead
  • Nina 99 176cm Pure-Griffon, HammerHead
  • Nina 99 168cm Hybrid-Griffon
  • Wailer 105 Pure 188cm-Griffon
  • Wailer 105 Hybrid 178cm-Griffon
  • Wailer 95 Hybrid 175cm-Griffon
Drilled/Cosmetic Blems (all un-mounted); price range $300-1049:
  • Lotus 138 Pure 192cm
  • Lotus 120 Pure 178cm
  • Lotus 120 Hybrid 184cm
  • Wailer 112Rp Hybrid 178cm
  • Wailer 99 Hybrid 168cm, 176cm
  • Nina 99 Hybrid 176cm
  • Wailer 95 (discontinued model), Pure 175cm, 185cm
  • Cassiar 80SL Pure 166cm
  • Cassiar 80SL Hybrid 166cm