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No Name delivers again

This year has been great out of the gates at the village. I've managed to head out to No Name 3 or 4 times and each time the run has been fully worth it. My first lap down the face was a few weeks ago when we were experiencing a small dry spell. It was still snowing up high but only just a bit here and there. When this pic was taken I think the resort reported 4" new, but it was skiing a bit deeper than that up high:

Which brings us to Saturday. Our dry spell was broken last week with 2 to 3 feet of new snow accompanied by high winds and full on white out conditions for a few days. On Saturday though the clouds broke and the winds died so we headed out to No Name again. The face pictued above was fully tracked out once we got there so we headed skiers right down the shoulder. It was my first time down that line but I'll definitely be back soon if we get another clear day.