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James Bond Gone Wrong

The second to last run of the day. It had been a fun day, and everyone was feeling good, so we decided to engage in a bit of shenanigans.

Gliding through the woods, our group of four came to a thick, fallen tree wedged up against another of its tree brethren. Fallen at a forty-five degree angle, it was seemingly the perfect ramp: you could ski up the log, then air off it. Conveniently, the ramp tree was wedged high enough so there was plenty of space for someone to ski right beneath it.

The plan: I would ski up the log, and air over Patrik as he straight-lined through the gap under the tree.

The reality: when hitting the in-run on the log, the soft snow atop the log collapsed. Instead of lobbing over Patrik... well... things went differently.

This post is in honor of John Eaves, Roger Moore's Bond skiing stuntman and one of skiing's greatest living legends.... Sorry John, next time, we will get it right.