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DPS Lotus 138 Spoon is Best in Test

Magazines and ski shops often shy away from the Lotus 138 Spoon simply because of its width. Yet, spooned powder skis are an essential part of any skiers quiver and are much more versatile than people think. Not only do they excel in bottomless snow – allowing you to plane and experience entirely new other-wordly sensations – they also work great in corn, older pow and conditions that aren't necessarily epic. Big ups to Fri Flyt, Norway's leading ski magazine, for bestowing a substantial annual award on a first shape that combined both rocker and sidecut, and ushered in an era of modern ski design. Lotus-138-P3-web From the pages of Fri Flyt: Technical info:  As expected, the carbon fibre skis from DPS have low specific weight, but this is not the lightest model in its category. It has the widest waist in the test and this has been combined with very little sidecut and consistent rocker. Lotus 138 has an extremely stiff tail, a soft front ski and raised tips. It still bears traces of what they marketed as spoon technology a couple of years ago. However, this is only visible as a small bend along the edge of the tip. On snow:  The ski received a lot of attention from people outside the test team. Be alert on hard surfaces down the slope—you will have to adapt a completely different technique. The advantage is that you can go equally fast sideways and straight forward, as the ski will not grip at all. What about floatation? It is definitely the best in this category. And how does it feel in sideway turns in powder? Amazing. So you want a ski for powder ONLY? Well, consider this one. unnamed Shop today for the Lotus 138 Spoon at DPS dealers worldwide, or on dpsskis.com