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Dreamtime 2018—All You Need to Know

Dreamtime is the Shrewdest Time of the Year to Shop DPS

Dreamtime is an annual two-week event that snaps the dog days of summer with dreams of cold smoke. Dedicated skiers worldwide get the opportunity to assemble the ultimate quiver at the season’s deepest discount across three world-class targeted constructions: Alchemist, Foundation, and Tour1. And two of the biggest draws: event-specific releases from the elite Powderworks division, and limited-run, event-only, Special Edition ‘artwork’ skis.

Dreamtime offers dedicated skiers worldwide:

  • The deepest discount of the year on the 2018/19 quiver: $200 off AlchemistTour1, and Foundation skis.
  • Special Edition limited-run, event-exclusive ski art on select Alchemist models.
  • Elite small batch creations from our skunkworks Powderworks division.
  • Free binding mounting and pro tune when skis and bindings are ordered together.
  • Free shipping worldwide with any ski purchase*.
  • Other event specials and gifts.

*Skis ordered during Dreamtime will ship in early September. If you have a Southern Hemisphere need, contact us to see if expedited shipping is possible.

Meet the Dreamtime Special Editions

Special Edition skis are released once per year exclusively at Dreamtime. They are small-batch, limited edition ‘artwork’ creations made in the DPS Factory in Utah—and are never reproduced again. Special Edition sellout is common during Dreamtime. They are prized by skiers craving something truly rare and exotic. Interested skiers are strongly encouraged to get fitted from DPS fitters before Dreamtime commences so that they can act decisively, as SEs move quickly.

The 2018 Special Edition class is available in the following pure carbon-constructed, award-winning Alchemist models.

Meet the Dreamtime Powderworks Releases

Powderworks skis are a small batch of uniquely designed and constructed skis in limited, serialized volumes made in the DPS factory in Utah and released exclusively during Dreamtime. Powderworks editions represent a window into our most progressive R+D efforts and exploratory thoughts. It’s where advanced cores, laminates, rockers or sidecuts are previewed and brought to life. These creations may one day make it into the yearly standard lineup, but as they stand: they are rare cutting-edge creations.

Powderworks Alchemist Lotus 138 192cm (147/138/143, 32m turn radius) | 182cm (146/138/142, 32m turn radius) The revival of a big-mountain behemoth comes to life in Dreamtime 2018 with a limited pressing of the Powderworks Alchemist Lotus 138. We’ve had pent-up demand, and a waitlist from skiers around the world wanting more Lotus 138s. The call has been answered with this limited-run release, which features new ski art, and the inherent benefits of Alchemist construction. This was the first rockered ski with sidecut ever made, and the legend that changed the whole pursuit of powder skiing for so many.

Powderworks Alchemist Wailer 110 C2 189cm (133/110/119, 22m turn radius) | 184cm (132/110/119, 22m turn radius) | 178cm (131/110/118, 22m turn radius) The Powderworks Alchemist Wailer 110 C2 is a Dreamtime-exclusive design that hits the zeitgeist of our recent shaping work. This new shape builds on the C2 chassis that recently debuted in the new Cassiar line. The W110 C2 has a longer 22m radius and a longer effective edge than the Wailer 112 RP brethren, while still remaining very accessible with a comfortable balanced feel. At home in powder, trees, crud, and now with more groomer duty and higher speed comfort, the Powderworks Wailer 110 C2 can crush all day long even when conditions deteriorate.

Shop the Complete 2018/19 Quiver

Dreamtime is the only time of the year that the entire 2018/19 quiver is discounted $200, across Alchemist, Tour1 and Foundation constructions. This is your chance to lock-in the very best prices while securing the exact model for your preferences. If you need help, we can recommend with confidence the right construction and shape for you. Our ski fitters are standing by to help: Online ski fitter or call +1.801.413.1737, Monday-Friday, 9 AM-6 PM MDT

Cassiar Skis are in the Dreamtime Spotlight

Our freshly launched frontside-oriented collection takes center stage during Dreamtime. Available in both the Alchemist and Foundation constructions, the Cassiar Quiver offering is as follows:

Additional Dreamtime Special Offers Exclusively on dpsskis.com

Free Binding Mounting and Pro Tune with Skis + Bindings Total convenience. Shop skis and bindings on dpsskis.com during Dreamtime and DPS will ship your new skis mounted. We only stock bindings that we use and endorse and our custom ski fitters can help you choose the ideal binding for your chosen ski.

Shop Accessories During Dreamtime Shopping DPS apparel and accessories during Dreamtime makes sense. From larger items like the Rolling Quiver Ski Bag, to newly arrived t-shirts and hats, the DPS store is the only place globally that carries all DPS merchandise.

Get a Custom Ski Fit Over the Phone DPS ski fitters are the very best in the business and are standing by to fit you over the phone. Have confidence—they can get you on the right boards for your precise needs. Please contact us at +1.801.413.1737, Monday-Friday, 9 AM-6 PM MDT.

How to Place a Dreamtime Order? During the event, skis can be purchased from DPS' network of participating dealers, direct from DPS on dpsskis.com, or by calling +1.801.413.1737 Monday-Friday, 9 AM-6 PM MDT.