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DPS Spoons and Piers on Freeskier Cover

DPS Koala, Piers Solomon, has landed on the October 2015 cover of Freeskier Magazine on his beloved Spoons. The photo was taken in Engelberg, Switzerland by long-time DPS 'staff photographer Oskar Enander.  Freeskier got the scoop, as told by Oskar: Here's a look at the 2016 Resort Guide cover, starring Piers SolomonOskar Enander Photography says about the image, “I saw this spot [in Engelberg, Switzerland] a year prior to bagging this cover photo, when I was shooting with Piers on an opposite ridge. The light was really good so I snapped a frame just before the light disappeared to keep as a reminder. Similar conditions and light were never really replicated that season, but I knew that if I was there the following year, around the same dates, I could get it. On New Year's Eve, we enjoyed a bluebird pow day, and I asked Piers if he wanted to give it a go. My objectives were to shoot this spot, and then to freeski the rest of the day. I didn't know exactly when the shadows would crawl in, so I had Piers wait for a while on top of the run. Right when he dropped in, the wind picked up behind the ridge and every turn looked way more dramatic than expected. Sometimes you get that extra little help from Mother Nature to get an even better shot than you had in mind." Piers Solomon's 'go-to' skis are the Spoon. He usually packs 2-3 pairs on trips (read more on Koala Quivers). Shop Spoons on dpsskis.com, or DPS dealers worldwide.