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DPS in Skiing Magazine

DPS in Skiing Magazine's 2010/11 Buyer's Guide:

Lotus 120 Pure:

We tested the Pure after a 20-inch dump, and many testers ran it after a long day of testing heavier models, so they realized firsthand the tremendous benefits of its lightweight build. "I just skied two laps at day's end and feel fresh," said one tester. "Any other ski would have sent me to the hot tub." The rockered top is tapered and therefore is floaty and easy to steer. The narrow pintail sinks just enough to let you stay centered with very little effort. A powder skier's dream."

Wailer 112RP Pure:

We tested the ultralightweight Pure construction of the ski (see Wailer 105 review for construction descriptions, page 42) and where flabbergasted by its lightness and ease in powder. Designed to be a resort-use powder ski that can carve groomed run-outs, it lives up to its billing. Radically rockered tips plane over powder and deep chop without blinking. Light, playful, and easy to steer, it will take you through last chair with leg strength to spare.

Wailer 105 Hybrid:

DPS is known for high-tech powder skis, and the brand's models are offered in two constructions: Pure, which incorporates carbon layers and a light strong polar core, and Hybrid, which uses fiberglass, carbon, and a bamboo core. We tested the Wailer 105 Hybrid, a soft-snow all-mountain ski that's less expensive and slightly heavier than the Pure. It shines in powder and choppy snow--the rockered tip surfs over anything. Edge grip is decent, but the ski's not meant for groomers. An ideal soft-snow touring ski.