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Choosing the right DPS construction

With the introduction of Tour1 construction for 2015/16, we are proud to offer a complete construction pyramid that gives the dedicated skier unparalleled and comprehensive choice towards maximizing precision and pleasure in any terrain, and allowing exacting choices towards honing on-snow personal preferences. Once you choose your DPS shape from the Lotus, Wailer, or Cassiar (learn more about Cassiar skisfamilies, you can then match it with one of four series leading constructions; each with their own distinctive and fine-tuned attributes. DPS reaches into every corner of a skier’s imagination when it comes to a ski’s layup, spanning the spectrum from high-tech Pure aerospace carbon (Pure3), metal race-room feel (Hybrid t2), composite (Hybrid), or super lightweight skis (Tour1)—all married with DPS’ rich design heritage. We encourage skiers to contact DPS Ski Fitters to get a precise ski and binding recommendation, local dealer recommendations worldwide, and any other questions towards choosing the perfect construction and shape. Pyramid-blogBody2 Pyramid-blogBody1Lifts are spinning, the snow is flying, contact us today to get a precise construction and shape fit by:
  • Contacting one of more than three-hundred DPS dealers worldwide, the world’s finest shops.
  • Completing a DPS Ski Finder in a few easy minutes online, or call all us at +1.801.413.1737, Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM MDT.