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Better Re-Sale Value Than a Honda

Got a kick out of stumbling upon the below post recently. Partly because of the description, and quite frankly, partly because of the sale prices comparatively (though it's worth noting the person who ends up with them/or did, got a smoking deal:

"Cleaning out the garage and I have several pairs of skis for sale. All of them only have minor blemishes and no base or edge damage.

Armada ANT 191cm. 107mm waisted all mountain ripper. Drilled once for 315mm BSL Salomon 916 skied 5 days - $200

DPS Wailer 95 195cm. Carbon layup flex 2. Best quality skis money can buy. You know what these are. Skied 6 days and drilled once for 315mm BSL Salomon 916. - $400

Salomon Equipe racing 185cm with 15mm FIS Hangl plates. Drilled for 914. $50

Dynastar Speed SF 186cm piste carvers with lifter plates. Race room construction. $40