Virtual Ski Finder

In addition to DPS’ availability in nearly 200 of the world’s finest ski shops, DPS has fitted thousands of skiers via—by email and phone—since 2005. The process is personalized and detail-oriented. We’re proud to have less than five fitting-related returns in thousands of pairs sold in over ten years.

The process works. Need extra assurance? We guarantee your fitting with our Factory Demo Direct Program.
 Customers enjoy the personalized attention they get from our expert ski fitters and have peace in knowing that they are being fit by ripping skiers familiar with terrain the world over.

There are two ways for a customer to get a personalized ski fitting from DPS:

  • Phone: Call +1.801.413.1737, Monday-Friday, 9 AM MDT-5 PM MDT and request a ski fitting. Upon calling, you should be able to get a ski fitting with no delays.
  • Virtual Ski Finder: Over the years we have pioneered the art of online ski selection. We are very excited to be able to bring our expertise into and online, real-time ski recommender found here.

Our ski fitters thrive off of fostering relationships with our customers, which is a tenant of the company—to build skis for people with a passion of skiing, and ultimately to develop a family around the brand.