High-performance base treatment for alpine skis and snowboards.


A New Era, The New Standard.

It’s a disruptive, truly innovative solution that ushers in a new era in snowsports.

PHANTOM is a permanent, one-time application, waxless base treatment that forever eliminates the need for waxing skis and snowboards.
PHANTOM’s patent-pending polymer technology offers ultimate convenience combined with great glide performance that never wanes across all snow temperatures, and for the life of a ski or snowboard’s use.

Permanence In Detail.

Permanence breeds ultimate convenience. With PHANTOM, you apply the formula once at any point in your ski or snowboard’s life cycle, whether new or used.
It’s that simple. PHANTOM’s sophisticated, timed polymerization process permanently penetrates the entire thickness of the base material with powerful go-fast fluoro compositions designed to operate across all snow temperatures. Even when the ski or snowboard goes into a shop for stone grindings, the next fresh layer of PHANTOM is exposed –– ready to glide.

Scientific Fact

Lab-verified EDS imagery shows PHANTOM’s permanence and full penetration of the base material.

“PHANTOM’s permanence and performance will change the game in ways that are hard to imagine now, but in a few years’ time, we’ll be scratching our heads wondering how we ever skied without it.”

Performance In Detail.

Unless you are constantly waxing with correct temperature specific waxes, PHANTOM is faster across all conditions over time because its performance is consistent: you never suffer the glide degradation that occurs when conventional wax quickly wears away.

  • All temp wax
  • Flouro race wax
  • Waxless base

“I coach racing and ski everyday. For an entire season, my skis with PHANTOM performed perfectly in all conditions, from hard abrasive man-made snow, through wet sticky elephant snot, and all the way to cold dry powder. They glided without fault in all conditions.”

– Angus Rose, Alpine Race Coach, New Zealand

Environment in Detail.

Today’s snow is tomorrow’s water.

The innovation centers around the inclusion of glide-friendly fluorocarbon functional groups, but in a superior, new delivery method that renders them inert and harmless to humans, plants and animals. PHANTOM doesn’t cause biological damage, and doesn’t present any long-term environmental risks.

“Phantom's environmentally friendly formula has the potential to upend the wax industry.”


Since launching PHANTOM via Kickstarter in late 2017, our R+D efforts have been unrelenting to further refine the technology. We set out to shorten cure times and make the application process easier and more consistent. That’s the heart of the advancement of PHANTOM 2.0: a reduction of outside cure time from six (6) hours to two (2) hours, and a formula compatible with a quick and easy indoor shop Cure Station process. As a bonus, while developing the 2.0 formula, we succeeded in making PHANTOM slightly faster than the original formula across all all snow conditions.

Application Overview.

PHANTOM can be applied to skis or snowboards with Home Application, provided there is access to an outdoor space with direct and strong sunlight, or by an Authorized PHANTOM Installer using DPS Certified PHANTOM Cure Station.

Explore each route:

Home Application

PHANTOM can be applied by an individual with access to direct and consistent UV sunlight to activate and cure the formula. Ideally, this should be done during the Spring, Summer, and Autumn seasons when the sun is high and temperatures are. For proper PHANTOM application, it’s critical for there be strong, direct sunlight and temperatures over 32ºF / 0ºC.
• PHANTOM cure time under direct outdoor sun is roughly 2 hours total (1 hour for part A, 1 hour for part B). It takes approximately another 20 minutes of prep work and brushing to complete an application.
• Not-provided items/services needed for proper DIY PHANTOM application include a ski or snowboard base cleaner, or alternatively, employing a ski/snowboard shop to clean bases via stone grinding prior to application.

Download Application Instruction Manual:

Cure Station

PHANTOM can be applied professionally by an Authorized PHANTOM Installer using a Cure Station.
The process takes approximately 15 minutes for part A, and 15 minutes for part B, with minor additional preparation and soak time.
Cure Station application, available at select DPS dealers, is the most precise and fastest method to apply PHANTOM to skis or snowboards, and is a reliable all-season solution during the low light winter months, especially in more extreme latitudes, and in wetter climates where sunshine isn’t as consistent.

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