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All DPS skis, poles, and hardgoods purchased new from DrakePowderworks, Inc. (“DPS” or “DPS Skis”) or an authorized DPS Skis dealer come with a two-year warranty against manufacturer defects. 

The DPS Skis warranty applies solely to the skis’ original owner. The two-year warranty window begins on the date of purchase. Skis that have been purchased through a demo ski program are not eligible for warranty. Claims should be submitted as soon as any damage is noticed.

DPS is not responsible for any additional costs associated with the warranty process, such as the cost of remounting, tuning, renting demo’s, etc. 

While we strive to make our skis as durable as possible, the warranty does not cover damage caused by excessive impact to any part of the ski. This may include impact damage from rocks, rails, cliffs/drops, trees, gondolas, chairlifts, concrete plazas, roads, parking lots, vehicles, airline travel, mistaking your skis for walking sticks, or any other type of activity. Damage that is a result of any of the following are not considered eligible for warranty:

  • Damage caused by improper storage, oxidized or rusted hardware.
  • Damage resulting from tuning machines, grinders or waxes, including solvents, cleaners and polishes.
  • Any type of impact damage resulting in cosmetic/top edge damage, i.e. chipping of the top sheet.
  • Damage caused by improper mounting or adjustment of the bindings, including bindings pulling out of the ski. We strongly recommend having your skis mounted by a certified/trained ski technician.
  • Base or edge damage caused by impact with rocks, trees, or other objects.
  • Normal wear and tear associated with skiing.

Once all the appropriate information has been received, we will review the issue and offer a repair or replacement solution, depending on the review conclusion. If the claim is considered eligible for a full replacement, it will be to the amount of the original purchase price. We reserve the right to base full replacement eligibility on the skis original production date. Skis produced over 2+ years ago, will likely not be considered eligible for a full warranty replacement.  WE DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS ON ANY WARRANTY CLAIMS.


Step one: Complete the Warranty Initiation Form

In order to initiate a warranty, please fill out the Warranty Initiation Form below. Be prepared to send in detailed photos of the affected area and a copy of your proof of purchase. If proof of purchase cannot be submitted, we will not move forward with your warranty claim. Written receipts are not applicable.

Your warranty is considered an active case upon receipt of the above requested information.

Start Your Warranty Claim

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Step two: Warranty Resolution

Once your warranty has been initiated, a DPS warranty specialist will contact you within 2-3 business days to begin the warranty review process. If you do not hear back from a warranty specialist immediately, please be patient. Sometimes it takes a couple of days in order to fully evaluate the issue. If your situation is urgent, please give us a call at +1.801.413.1737 and we will do our best to accommodate you.

While we prefer to resolve warranties through digital photos there are times when we must physically inspect the defective ski in order to determine if the warranty is related to a manufacturing defect. In these cases, your warranty specialist will assign you an RMA number and provide instructions for returning the defective ski(s) to the DPS Factory in Salt Lake City, Utah. This shipping cost is not covered by DPS Skis, however, we will match your shipping method when returning the skis. Please note that failure to ship skis according to the directions provided may delay the processing of your warranty.

Once the evaluation has been completed, your warranty specialist will inform you of resolution options. Upon your acceptance of a resolution option, we will need to account for the original skis. We require the defective skis to be returned to the DPS Factory HQ and will provide you with an RMA number and instructions for shipping. If this is the case, DPS Skis is not responsible for any applicable shipping costs and logistics. If the skis are slated for destruction, you will be given the option to render them visibly un-skiable, and provide us with pictures confirming their destruction, instead of sending them back.

Warranty FAQ