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ATK Crampon

ATK Crampon


Regular price $79.95

The lightest crampons on the market thanks to innovative heat treatments. Characterized by strength and flexibility thanks to a further decrease in material thickness (2mm). Available in 4 different sizes, these crampons are developed and manufactured using the best aluminum alloys. Their aggressive tip shape allows you to obtain maximum grip even on the hardest and most icy snow. 4 small holes have been created to offer the possibility to fix the rampant to the boots through a lanyard in case of emergency.

Crampon Spec  Weight   Ski Compatibility
91mm 68gr 87C2, 90RP
102mm 74gr 94C2, 100RP
108mm 76gr 106C2
120mm 79gr 112RP, 115L, 117L
N/A 124L, 138L

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