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DPS R10 (2022)


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For 2022, we updated the R10 to improve its downhill performance even further. The new integrated stomp pad creates a stronger connection between boot, binding and ski. The heel of your boot now sits on the stomp pad instead of being supported by the heel pins. The result is better energy transfer and more control with every turn. The toe height has also been raised which flattens the ramp angle of your boot, so it skis like your favorite alpine binding. A flatter boot angle allows for better balance and a wider variety of turn shapes. At 300g, this binding is class leading for its features: durable metal construction, an individually controlled release value of 5 - 10, a fully functioning integrated brake, crampon compatibility, and 10 - 12 mm of heel elasticity.

Brake Spec Ski Compatibility
86mm 90RP
91mm 94C2
97mm 100RP
102mm 106C2
108mm 112RP
  • Individually controlled release value of 5-10
  • Fully featured performance touring and speed touring weights
  • Half the weight of any similar featured binding 
  • Slightly narrower drill pattern 
  • 20mm adjustable heel plate
  • 300g 
  • 10 - 12mm of heel elasticity
  • Durable CNC aluminum construction
  • Integrated ski brake
  • Stomp pad for optimal boot to ski contact and downhill performance

*Note that the stomp pad is only compatible with skis with waist width greater than or equal to 95mm. The R10 can be mounted without the stomp pad on skis narrower than 95mm waist. 

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