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Piers Solomon skiing powder on DPS Lotus 138.
Premium Carbon Fiber Construction

Handmade in the U.S.A.

Powderworks Lotus 138

Powderworks Construction

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DPS origins lie in the pursuit of powder, and a desire to take an artist’s elegant approach to creating tracks in the snow. The Powderworks Lotus 138 is the uncompromising embodiment of our soul searching, it’s a tool built for a master craftsman, a paintbrush for recording lifelong memories. We’re honest in our summary of what this ski is good for; at 138 mm underfoot with full rocker it’s a powder ski and nothing else. Where it excels is allowing you to take a surfing style approach to banking a turn, so you can experience a unique style of sliding over snow, and enjoy the apex powder moment.

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The Lotus skis are the product embodiment of the DPS mission statement and of endless powder dreams. They are tools for the pinnacle of our sport, to create style and finesse on a blank canvas in the backcountry or resort. They feature larger turn radii that encourage big, sweeping turns, elongated rocker lines that allow the skis to quickly plane to the surface and pivot easily, and fat waist widths that generate the floatation and speed desired by experienced powder pilots. These skis were created to make the absolute most out of every powder turn. 

25 years of powder ski innovation has led to the current line of Lotus skis. When Peter Turner and Stephan Drake joined forces in 2005, the seeds were already planted for key innovations thanks to their prior experience with powder ski engineering. The Lotus skis revolutionized powder design by experimenting with wide waist widths, rocker, reverse sidecut, and Spoon technology, which ultimately made DPS the first skis to feature beveled tips.

Lotus materials are each individually selected as the best in class. We look at performance characteristics, strength and durability, and into the sustainability metrics of the materials. The aim is to make powder skis that are energetic, powerful, and stable. We also need them to be trustworthy and have a long life. We’re stoked when we see our skis from 10 years ago ripping down the mountain. 

Spoon Technology

A direct evolution from the now iconic Spoon ski, Spoon Technology combines three innovative, synergistic elements: shovel convexity, flat-running surfaces, and squared tails. These ingredients have revolutionized deep snow shaping by allowing for substantially increased control over turn shape, the ability to easily mine speed across the fall line, increased planing, and superior off-edge ability.


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