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DPS GearBucket


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It's all in the name. The GearBucket is a bucket bag for your gear. It’s a heavy duty fabric version of the classic hard plastic buckets and bins you might have tossed ski gear and wetsuits into over the years. It shines when you want ease of use, being soft, pliable, and having a spring loaded rim that stays open when you’re tossing things in and then collapses away so you can fold it into a corner. Made in The USA by our friends at EQPD, the GearBucket is our go-to for year round use going to and from your mountain activities.  


-Springy, hooped rim always stays open
-Adjustable G-Hook top closure
-Welded 8" interior pocket
-Folds for flat storage
-Adjustable shoulder strap 
-27 L capacity


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