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Welcome to Dreamtime 2017: The Best Time of the Year to Shop DPS

DPS is proud to announce Dreamtime—July 15 to August 1, 2017

Dreamtime is an annual two-week event that snaps the dog days of summer with dreams of cold smoke. The focus is on giving dedicated skiers worldwide the opportunity to assemble the ultimate quiver. Dreamtime welcomes the unveiling of the coming season’s complete quiver, with additional event-specific releases from the elite Powderworks division, and limited-run artwork Special Edition skis. It’s the only time of the year that DPS offers a discount on its entire 2017/18 quiver across its three targeted constructions.
  • The only discount of the year on the 2017/18 quiver: over $200 off Alchemist, Tour1 and Foundation constructions.
  • The unveiling of the complete Alchemist construction quiver.
  • Special Edition limited-run ski art on select Alchemist models.
  • A limited-run design from our elite Powderworks Division: a resort-slaying Cassiar 87. *Event discount does not apply to Cassiar 87
  • Free binding mounting and pro tune when skis and bindings are ordered together.
  • The Women’s line welcomes a new shorter length offering at 158cm in Alchemist and Tour1 constructions.
  • Free shipping worldwide with any ski purchase.*Skis ordered during Dreamtime will ship in early September. If you have a Southern Hemisphere need, contact us to see if expedited shipping is possible.

Meet the Dreamtime Special Editions

Special Edition skis are released once per year exclusively at Dreamtime. They are small-batch, limited edition ‘artwork’ creations made in the DPS Factory in Utah, and are never to be reproduced again. Special Edition sellout is common during Dreamtime. They are prized by skiers craving something truly rare and exotic. Interested skiers are strongly encouraged to get fitted from DPS fitters before Dreamtime commences, so that they can act decisively.

The 2017 Special Edition class is available in the following pure carbon-constructed Alchemist models. Alchemist is generating big waves since introduction this past spring; these skis have an incredibly smooth ride thanks to new proprietary damping materials and a revised flex pattern.
  • Wailer 112 Alchemist - 178cm, 184cm, 189cm
  • Wailer 106 Alchemist - 178cm, 185cm, 189cm
  • Wailer 99 Alchemist - 176cm, 184cm
  • Yvette 112 Alchemist - 158cm, 168cm
  • Zelda 106 Alchemist - 158cm, 168cm
  • Nina 99 Alchemist - 158cm, 168cm

Meet the Dreamtime Powderworks Releases

Powderworks skis are a small batch of uniquely designed and constructed skis in limited, serialized volumes made in the DPS factory in Utah and released exclusively during Dreamtime. Powderworks editions represent a window into our most progressive R+D efforts and exploratory thoughts. It’s where advanced cores, laminates, rockers or sidecuts are previewed and brought to life. These creations may one day make it into the yearly standard lineup, but as they stand: they are rare, cutting-edge creations. Powderworks Cassiar 87 If you were to consider our R+D energy and investments over the last year as pieces of a cake, the Powderworks Cassiar 87 would be the largest serving, presented at the head of the table. We meticulously have cultivated and advanced flex profile after flex profile, testing and refining each to mate with a new, next-generation chassis. The Cassiar 87 shape pulls you effortlessly into the top section of the turn, but then tapers down for a smooth, less aggressive finish that doesn’t get thrown about, or vibrate in chop and hard snow. This is a ski with truly high-performance all-mountain resort capability pulsating through its core. Carbon makes it crisp and precise on-piste, while the flex has been meticulously refined and tuned to yield compliance and balance in crud, moguls and steeps. This is one of our finest skis ever produced, and should be the prime focus of a resort-based quiver. Powderworks Tour 1 Yvette 112 Magazines on both sides of the ocean have called the Yvette the apex of women’s powder skis, and a legitimate and unexaggerated game changer. For the exclusive pageantry of Dreamtime 2017, we take things into yet another dimension with this sweet marriage born under mountain stars: the ever-popular Yvette specially built with an award-winning Tour1 layup. The Yvette shape has always been feathery, whether in Alchemist or Pure3 builds, but in this special Tour1 release, we shed a serious amount of weight on an already light carbon chassis, which in practical terms means that we are doing our part to make sure that your last run of the day remains as effortless and sweet as the first. Powderworks Tour 1 Nina 99 The Nina has always been an amazingly versatile shape—particularly for smaller or lighter women. Even at 99mm underfoot, the tapered footprint combined with an aggressive rocker profile provides enough lift to function as a true deep snow planing machine, while still providing powerful, real world grip on mixed snow. The Nina has a wonderful do-it-all Swiss Army knife-like breadth that can function as a one ski quiver in all snow types. This Dreamtime-exclusive Powderworks Tour1 version incorporates its award-winning layup, providing a major upgrade for your touring quiver for the coming season. Weighing only 1,225 grams (per ski) in a 168cm, the Powderworks Tour1 Nina 99 is unmatched on the ascent, with all the power and performance of Tour1 chassis for the widest of smiles on the descent. Enjoy!

Shop the Complete 2017/18 Quiver

Dreamtime is the only time of the year that the entire 2017/18 quiver is discounted $200, across Alchemist, Tour1 and Foundation constructions. This is your chance to lock-in the very best prices while securing the exact model for your preferences. If you need help, we can recommend with confidence the right construction and shape for you. Our ski fitters are standing by to help Choose from the following three constructions: Alchemist arrives for 2017/18. The world’s most advanced ski construction takes a significant evolutionary step forward. Alchemist Pure carbon skis are the ultimate expression of the craft. Next-level, vibration-tuned aerospace grade carbon ski construction melded with absolutely the finest in supporting materials. Alchemist skis retain the same historical shapes as their Pure3 predecessors, but due to the construction upgrades are notably damper and smoother in mixed and firmer conditions. Foundation is a completely reimagined and rebuilt construction category that represents a futuristic approach to ski design. Every model in the Foundation series shares DPS Chassis DNA shaping that yields design and performance consistency from shape-to-shape and length-to-length. Foundation employs the absolute best-in-class components from start-to-finish, with top-notch durability. On-snow feel is a wonderful blend of power and dampness that is readily accessible to a wide range of skier profiles. Tour1 is a targeted lightweight backcountry build that emphasizes fast ascents and class-leading downhill performance. It is significantly lighter than Alchemist, DPS’ flagship construction. Whereas Alchemist is the ultimate in advanced ultra-powerful carbon ski technology, Tour1 skis are comparable in weight to the lightest backcountry-specific touring skis on the market while offering competitive differentiation by exhibiting superior, class-leading torsional stiffness, unmatched edge grip and damping via a proprietary Tour1 specific aerospace carbon laminate.

Additional Dreamtime Special Offers Exclusively on dpsskis.com

Free Binding Mounting and Pro Tune with Skis + Bindings Total convenience. Shop skis and bindings on dpsskis.com during Dreamtime and DPS will ship your new skis mounted. We only stock bindings that we use and endorse, and our custom ski fitters can help you choose the ideal binding for your chosen ski.

Shop Accessories During Dreamtime Shopping DPS apparel and accessories during Dreamtime makes sense. From larger items like the Rolling Quiver Ski Bag, to newly arrived t-shirts and beanies, the DPS store is the only place globally that carries all DPS merchandise. Get a Custom Ski Fit Over the Phone DPS ski fitters are the very best in the business and are standing by to fit you over the phone. Have confidence—they can get you on the right boards for your precise needs. Please contact us at +1.801.413.1737, Monday-Friday, 9 AM-6 PM MDT, or info@dpsskis.com. How to Place a Dreamtime Order? During the event, skis can be purchased from DPS' network of participating dealers listed below, direct from DPS on dpsskis.com, or by calling +1.801.413.1737 Monday-Friday, 9 AM-6 PM MDT.