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We Build Skis to Last

We Build Skis to Last

We believe a great product is one that you can rely on in any situation. Durability breeds confidence, and it’s a core design attribute that we’ve focused on since the first DPS skis were built in 2005.   

Making skis that can be skied year after year is one of the largest actions that we can take to manage our impact on the environment. A ski that’s continuously being skied on is one that won’t go to the landfill. We love it whenever we spot a ten year old pair of DPS Skis in the lift line, because we know they’re still skiing great. That’s testament to the engineering and skilled craftsmanship that goes into every pair of skis.   

So, what are we doing to build durable skis and ensure they withstand years of skiing? 

In terms of ski construction:

Carbon Fiber
We’re using carbon fiber as the primary structural component for most of our skis. Carbon fiber has no fatigue limit, meaning it won’t consistently degrade over time like a lot of the materials that many other ski manufacturers use. Carbon allows DPS skis to retain their camber and energy over time and use.  

4000 Series Sintered Bases
We use full thickness, 4000 series sintered bases. It’s the hardest base material and helps to prevent inevitable base damage.  

Textured Polyamide Topsheet
Our topsheets use a tough, textured, and scratch resistant material. This minimizes damage from edge dings and keeps your skis looking new.  

Aluminum Tail Bar
At the bottom of all our skis, you’ll find an aluminum tail bar. It’s designed to be tough in order to protect against knocking the skis on hard surfaces. 

In their most simple terms, skis are many different layers glued together. We utilize additional layers of polyurethane to ensure the adhesion of dissimilar materials. We’re always working to optimize these bonds with the best materials, bond preparation, and quality control to avoid the dreaded delamination that many skis suffer from.   


We don’t skimp on the quality or number of any materials that go into our skis in order to get their weight or cost down.


In terms of our warranty process:

We actively seek to repair as many warranty claims as possible. Our 2+ year warranty program stands behind our skis and other products as proof of our belief in their quality and longevity.  

 The “+” means that no matter how old our skis are, we’ll always do our best to work with a customer to get skis repaired, or to find a creative solution that keeps the customer and their DPS Skis on snow.