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The Advent of S.S. Technology

The Skinny on S.S. Construction

The skinny on the S.S. technology, new to DPS Pure Skis for 10/11. It's a game changer. With a Patent application in hand the cat can now come out of the bag.

The three basic goals in ski construction are:

1. Lightweight: skis move across your body instantly, quick changes, playful, and powerful creative skiing. less fatigue.

2. Power: reactivity, energy transfer, and responsiveness.

3. Vibration Dampening; better ride quality and stability at speed. silky smooth sensations and reduced deflection.

Pure Carbon unquestionably perfectly achieves the first two goals compared to anything else built. However, in chopped, harder snow, the reactivity of carbon for #2 can also work as detriment to #3.

Over the last year, we have been testing and building what we call the "S.S", the special sauce.

The S.S. is a series of vertically laminated metal ribs built into the core that tie the upper and lower pre-preg carbon laminates together, and tune the ride into the silky smooth feel of a metal ski without adding any weight or detracting from the sheer power of the carbon. It is the sweetness. We tested and refined different levels of metal and tuned it into an alchemy of metal dampening. The S.S. is Pure: Carbon+ Nano now taken to the highest level. Super light, more powerful than anything built, and now silky smooth.


In the cross-section you can see the two metallic walls vertical walls, the S.S.