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How to Store Your Skis for the Summer 

As the warm months of summer rapidly approach, it’s a good idea to take some time to make sure your skis will be ready when the snow starts flying next season. Here are a few helpful tips to make sure you’re not letting any of the essential steps fall through the cracks. 
Clean Your Skis 
A garden hose and a towel work well to remove excess dirt and other contaminants from your skis and bindings. It is best to avoid using soap or degreasers because they can affect the binding lubricant. To clean the bases, environmentally-friendly citrus solvents work great. If you are going to skip the repairs and go straight to storage wax, make sure base cleaners are completely dry before proceeding.

Repair Damage 
Late spring/early summer is the ideal time to have your shop do a base grind and fix any base or edge damage that occurred during the season. If your skis are in good shape, take a little time to remove any obvious burrs and/or rust from the edges. Although it may be a hard reality to come to terms with, some damage is beyond repair. Is it time to think about a new pair of skis for next season? (DPS' annual Dreamtime sale starts later this summer.)

Apply PHANTOM (if you haven't already)
PHANTOM is a permanent, one-time application base treatment that provides increased glide across all conditions. It offers ultimate convenience combined with great glide performance. Base cleaners will not damage bases previously treated with PHANTOM.

Wax the Bases
A generous coat of hot wax along the bases and edges will protect them from oxidation. Once applied, don’t scrape it off.

Store Them
Find a cool, dry place out of the heat of the sun to keep your skis during the off-season. Avoid compressing the cambered and rockered portion of your skis (hanging them by the tips in your garage is not recommended).

Patiently Wait for Next Season
Pedal your bike, enjoy a new hiking trail, or go for a swim. It’s summertime, and while we all love to ski, there’s nothing wrong with warm weather exercise as a way to prepare for next winter.