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DPS Ski Stories: Why Carbon?

When done right, carbon fiber creates a timeless masterpiece. In our skis, it offers a long-lasting, uniquely energetic feeling on snow that’s unlike anything else.


Traditional fiberglass and metal ski constructions break down over time and start to feel dead after a season or two. Pure carbon construction will never break down, and leaves you with an energetic snap, pop, and excitement throughout every turn year after year. It’s one of the primary reasons our skis stay on the slopes for as long as they do. Although aerospace grade is an extremely expensive material to invest a ski construction upon, eventually it has very low cost per use thanks to its longevity. 


In the last 5 years you've maybe begun to see skis touting carbon. But there is a big difference between industrial carbon strands, and aerospace grade full carbon laminates that we've continually pioneered over the last 20 years. Ask any owner of a DPS ski if the carbon difference is worth it and you just might be convinced. Carbon fiber is not just an important material in our construction – it’s essential for achieving the superior performance and dynamic feel that sets our skis apart.