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DPS in Jackson

With DPS weekend going on in Jackson this weekend there was a lot of fun skiing going on. I'm sure everyone had their own highlight but for me it was skiing Pucker Face with a crew of 12 and watching everyone rip some fun lines. Here's a shot of me during my run but I almost feel guilty putting this up since Stephan, Parker and the rest of the DPS crew all skied fast, impressive lines, in far deeper than expected snow but the flat light and freezing temps limited my photo taking friend Patrick Nelson to only shoot only one run:

(I'm the tiny white dot in the sea of white above the main cliff)

The next highlight for me was getting to take some of the new 112 RP's out on Teton Pass this morning. The snow ranged from small shots of pow to pretty much every type of crust but the 112 handled the mixed bag of snow conditions with ease. Their quick, easy turning style that's still stout at speed while dealing with some pretty heinous wind and sun crusts had me counting the days until they're done with production and available next Fall. I really feel like DPS hit it out of the park with these, creating a ski that can truly be your entire quiver of one if you don't want a super fat big pow ski or fit extremely well in-between a quiver of 138's or 120's and a smaller waisted touring or carving ski. Unfortunately I didn't get to test them on on a groomer but I can't wait to get my hands on them again and take them out for a few early morning corduroy laps because I have a feeling these things can rail a turn on the hardpack as well. Wish I had some more photos of them in action but this is the best I could get with my iphone, conditions were pretty rough today outside of the few turns right after I snapped this shot so any photos wouldn't have done much justice to the skis: