Women’s skis are traditionally diluted, watered-down versions of their standard counterparts. In the name of weight savings, other ski builders typically cannibalize performance by removing glass and employing flimsy wood cores. For our women’s line, we shift mounting points to create a ski that is both incredibly easy to ski, and has all the reactivity and power of our bigger thoroughbred chargers—skis built for women rippers—not a market segment.

With the introduction of this year’s Alchemist line, dedicated skiers have a full-build menu to choose from. Once you select your shape, you can match it with a series of cutting-edge constructions; each with their own distinctive and fine-tuned attributes. DPS reaches into every corner of a skier’s imagination when it comes to ski layup and design, spanning the spectrum from elite high-tech Pure aerospace prepreg carbon (Alchemist), damp and powerful bamboo-carbon (Foundation), or super-lightweight ascent-descent focused touring skis (Tour1).

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