Foundation Wailer 99

 In the heart of the new Foundation lineup is the 99, a shape that diverts away from the traditional Pure3 and Hybrid versions that were heavily tapered in the tip and tail. The Foundation 99 has a longer sidecut length to engage evolving radii as the ski progressively gets pushed harder and at higher edge angles. The rocker profile remains virtually untouched, which means easy turn entry and exit, and substantial float for 99mm underfoot. The F99 is a little brother to the F106 and offers ultimate in go-everywhere, do-everything versatility.

Foundation Wailer 99 Bundle



128 / 99 /117 | Radius: 16m @184cm


168cm, 176cm, 184cm


1930g per ski average weight @ 184cm

1900g per ski average weight @ 176cm

1680g per ski average weight @ 168cm