Tour1 Lotus 124

The introduction of Tour1 construction chopped another 30 percent of weight off an already lightweight Pure Carbon layup all while retaining tremendous torsional stiffness that is unmatched in the touring category. Tour1 layup skis make long days in the mountains into great ones, simply by the energy saved on the uphill on account of less weight. Traditional touring skis are narrower in their shaping to maximize this effect. But, what if you want to both tour AND surf deep pow in one high-performance package? Enter a very special Powderworks edition of the Lotus 124 the best of both worlds. Mount it with a tech binding and experience the bliss of blazing up the skin track on the best days followed by sweet runs where you surf and plane powder in the modern out-of-fall line style. If you are traveling or living in a deep snow mecca that demands daily human-powered access? You simply wont find a more powerful powder-oriented touring ski with this kind of shaping pedigree.

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tour1 lotus 124
Tour1 Lotus 124

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    140 / 124 / 130 | Radius: 23m @178cm


    178cm, 185cm


    1615g per ski average weight @ 185cm

    1570g per ski average weight @ 178cm