DPS Pro Program

For the fastest answers, we request that you browse our DPS Pro FAQs section here. If you are having website or login issues, troubleshooting advice is also given below. &nbsp If the FAQ section does not answer your question (s), you can reach the DPS Pro team directly, by filling out the Pro Contact tab, or by calling 801.413.1737, Monday-Friday, 9 AM-5 PM MDT. 

If you are an existing pro customer then you should have received an e-mail from conor.brady@dpsskis.com with instructions on how to renew your pro credentials. The old pro site is no longer working, but alas, the new system will provide a much better shopping experience. Thanks in advance for your patience. New pros can fill out the application below.

How do I become a DPS Pro?
To qualify for DPS pro status you must work either in the ski or outdoor industry.
What will my discount be?
DPS will determine your discount based on your employment status and position upon submitting your application.
How long does my pro status last?
Your pro status lasts as long as you maintain employment within the industry, but DPS request renewed documentation as proof, annually.
Does pro status apply to bindings and DPS branded goods?
Pro status gives you a discount on DPS branded goods. Bindings and non-DPS items are not eligible for pro discounts.
Are pro purchases covered under the DPS warranty?
Yes. All skis purchased under the pro program carry the standard DPS warranty.
Is there a limit to the number of skis I can buy?
There is no limit, but you can’t buy multiple skis in the same model or length. Also, we seriously hold you to the honor system. Skis can only be purchased for you—not for friends, relatives, or anyone else. Abuse of this will result in a lifetime ban from the program.
Why do my skis say demo/c-grade/blem on them? How do they ski?
Due to high global demand for DPS, pro purchases can often have slight cosmetic blemishes that are practically unnoticeable to the eye, yet do not meet our stringent standards to be sold in retail stores and to full-paying customers. These skis ski identical to full price skis and are equally as durable. The blemishes are cosmetic only and will not impact the durability or performance of the ski.
How much is shipping for pro orders?
All pro orders are subject to the same shipping rates as regular orders, which can be found on dpsskis.com, or in the Shipping + Logistics portion of the FAQ section.
How do I log into the pro section of the website?
You can access the pro section of the website here.
Where can I find my login details?
If you are having trouble finding your login details please contact Conor Brady at conor.brady@dpsskis.com who can get your password reset.
Can I be a DPS Pro if I live outside of North America?
Yes. As long as you qualify through the application process as a working ski or outdoor industry professional, there are no geographical restrictions.
Are there additional discounts if I am a member of an outdoor professional group?
Yes. Through DPS’ Group Program, a greater discount than standard pro sales is available for group orders of ten skis or more. A company representative can assemble the order at the company or organization and submit it to DPS. More information can be found in the Group Sales section on dpsskis.com.

Pro Application

ie: License, credentials, athletic resume, etc. Maximum size 10MB