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Old Guard

Our loyalty program rewarding the faithful since 2005.


In DPS’ early years the complexities of Pure construction were apparent, leaving some customers with unexpected waiting periods for skis. Despite frustrations, many of DPS’ first patrons proved intensely dedicated, as they sensed either from trial, word-of-mouth, or philosophy that waiting for DPS skis was worth it. We dubbed these customers 'The Old Guard' for their unwavering commitment to our vision. In 2006, we began to reward them annually for their support. The majority of these early customers remain devout DPS customers.


Today, the Old Guard has evolved to allow membership to include any customer that has purchased three skis or more from dpsskis.com.


Leading benefits of Old Guard membership include:

• Early purchasing opportunities for the summer Dreamtime event. • Special shipping discounts during select periods. • Old Guard branded soft goods and swag. • Special Edition skis only available for Old Guard purchase.

If you have purchased three new skis or more since 2005 on dpsskis.com, you're an Old Guard member, and you'll hear from us with ongoing special offers!

Thanks to all DPS customers for your support, which helps us build the world's most advanced skis.