Volume I

In 2014, an exciting chapter in the DPS storyline began with the launch of DPS Cinematic. The rumblings for DPS Cinematic began in 2006 when DPS founder Stephan Drake and filmmaker Ben Sturgulewski first collaborated. Ben filmed Stephan in a short The Desert River, and then later in the South American anthem, Solitaire. Since, Ben has become part of the DPS family joining the DPS Koalas on forays near and far chasing our shared artistic vision. Cinematic’s mission is to create an annual offering of fresh, festival-worthy film shorts with meaningful storytelling amidst storm-chasing and deep powder riding available for all to enjoy online.

Volume II

DPS Skis Cinematic presented four short films in the Fall 2015, in association with Gore-Tex and Outdoor Research... The Koalas return in their second Cinematic campaign touching down in Japan, Italy, and Switzerland for four festival-submitted short films. The Cinematic dream has always been chasing deep storms, and 2015 delivered. Step into cold, relentless Hokkaido storms and old world Alps exploration.The Koalas reach into the quiver, riding the range from the Wailer 99, Lotus 120, and the DPS Spoon. Stephan Drake, Santi Guzman, Olof Larsson, and Piers Solomon join forces for timeless pow-riding magic.

Volume III

DPS Cinematic presents three short films coming Fall 2016, in association with New Belgium Brewing and Outdoor Research. The deep-winter spines of the Chugach; the poetic powder of the B.C. forests; the all-consuming storms of the Tordrillos. Step back into the shadows, in the third volume of DPS Cinematic's acclaimed film series.

Cinematic Partners

DPS forms partnerships with like-minded brands that share a genuine enthusiasm for mountain culture, exploration, and the environment. Most importantly, we partner with brands that we believe in and endorse. Outdoor Research and New Belgium Brewing have been integral partners in the success of DPS Cinematic. We actively encourage you to explore our partner missions and product offerings.

Outdoor Research makes technical gear for those with the urge to get outdoors. Founded by alpinist Ron Gregg, OR fosters a tribe for those obsessed with leading their own adventures, and the belief that the best gear makes the experience more fun. OR is a dedicated partner in DPS Cinematic’s, The Shadow Campaign series.