DPS Wailer 112RP

  1. Welcome to Dreamtime—the Shrewdest Time to Buy DPS

    Welcome to Dreamtime—the Shrewdest Time to Buy DPS

    Dreamtime lets skiers purchase the coming season’s skis at the year’s only discount. Other exclusive Dreamtime offers include: rare Special Edition graphic skis, limited-run shaping creations from the Powderworks lab, and shipping, mounting, and gift specials. Dreamtime is conducted on dpsskis.com and at participating dealers worldwide. Act decisively during Dreamtime to ensure you get the ski you want. Utilize the only...
  2. Backcountry Skiing Canada Gear of the Year

    Backcountry Skiing Canada Gear of the Year

    Backcountry Skiing Canada recently awarded the DPS Wailer 112RP Gear of the Year. Labeling it a clear winner, they highlight the 112RP's high performance: "these boards are light and make skiing more fun due to their turn-ability. What could be more important and award-worthy than fun?" For their full review, click here.
  3. Cool Hunting tracks down DPS

    Cool Hunting tracks down DPS

    Cool Hunting, a website dedicated to the intersection of art, design, technology, and culture recently visited DPS' home on the Wasatch range. CH's editor took a pair of Lotus 138 Spoons and the Wailer 112RP through their paces in the Wasatch. Read the full review here.
  4. Wired Magazine's Best Ski Gear

    Wired Magazine's Best Ski Gear

    The high-tech savvy folks from Wired Magazine recently named DPS' Wailer 112RP as one of the season's best for backcountry ski gear.  Praised for their "anti-gravity" float in powder and ability to whip around the trees and groomers, the 112RP excelled in their test. For the full review click here.
  5. DPS Wailer and Yvette 112RP land in Aspen Times

    DPS Wailer and Yvette 112RP land in Aspen Times

    The Wailer 112RP and Yvette, as seen in The Aspen Times.
  6. The DPS Wailer 112RP - Air Canada

    The DPS Wailer 112RP - Air Canada

    This winter if you find yourself flying with Air Canada to a British Columbia powder playground be sure to check-in on what their inflight magazine—enRoute—had to say about the DPS Wailer 112RP.  enRoute calls the Wailer 112RP a “good fat” ski, “for skiers who spend time in crud and groomers while hoping for powder.” Their editors shed light on what...
  7. Forecasting Shred-Time

    Forecasting Shred-Time

    Across the globe, snow science professionals and avalanche forecasters have their work cut out for them. Whether mitigating in-bounds terrain after recent storms, bombing highways that curve through mountainous playgrounds, or providing daily snow and weather info, snow forecasters are critical in helping skier's safely access the goods. Last week, the snow forecasting crew from Davos, Switzerland took a few...
  8. Backroom Special Editions

    Backroom Special Editions

    The dawn of the new year at DPS brings excitement for future powder days and developments as we continue our obsession for the perfect ski. It also brings exciting news regarding our Special Edition models, typically only available during Dreamtime Pre-order. With a select few models reserved for back-room inventory, we decided to open them for sale and treat our...
  9. Sold Out Skis for 2012/13

    Sold Out Skis for 2012/13

    For the last two seasons, DPS sold out of the majority of its line by late November on dpsskis.com. This year, DPS again dramatically increased ski production to account for continued heavy demand. With strong sales in the summer and fall, many of the most popular models are either temporarily or permanently sold out. Because a model is sold out on...
  10. Dreamtime Special Edition Skis

    Dreamtime Preorder is the only chance to buy Special Edition and Limited Edition skis. The 12/13 Special Edition lineup is for the Wailer 99 (in Mojito Green), Wailer 112RP (in Flagship Gray), and Lotus 138 (in Wasatch Blue). This year's SE graphics are inspired from some of DPS' earliest graphics, nearly ten years ago, that featured the trademark pinstripe. Special...

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