1. Evolution of the Grease Snobs

    With the transmission down, our stay in Abbotsford British Columbia became an opportunity to develop as grease connoisseurs.

    Inside the John's C. Anderson's trailer is a legitimate grease refinery. It allows one to take grease from a restaurant, and in theory, convert it directly into useful fuel on the spot.

    The simplified steps are as follows:

    1. Collect used cooking grease in the back alleys of restaurants (Asian food restaurants are the best).

  2. Sushi Tour: Vancouver

    Originally, Tobias Liljeroth and I were supposed to be in Whistler for magazine shoot before having Mark and Stephan pick us up before heading up to Alaska. With Mark and Stephan delayed in Utah, Toby, myself, and a Scotsman named Mike headed down to Vancouver, B.C. to wait for the pick-up in a more cosmopolitan environment.

    Vancouver became a sushi and beer tour.

    After checking into a hosted downtown, we had our first sushi sensation at a place right around the corner- 24 pieces for me- that place scored pretty high.

  3. The Transmission Trial

    In reviews of the first Powder Road book, there were media pundits who aired the word "redneck" in the general vicinity of the project.

  4. off to the races


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