1. Business Insider - Fast Track with DPS Skis

    Business Insider - Fast Track with DPS Skis

    Earlier this fall Business Insider, a US business and technology news site interviewed DPS Founder, Stephan Drake.  As part of their Fast Track Q&A series, they chatted with Drake on "how an expert skier invented high-performance skis no one else was making." It follows the journey of DPS; from pioneering the first pure prepreg carbon sandwich constructed ski - on a bootstrap budget...
  2. Piers Solomon Basic Mountain Cover

    Piers Solomon Basic Mountain Cover

    DPS Koala, Piers Solomon recently landed on the cover of Basic Mountain magazine. It’s his second cover of the year, both shot with photographer Oskar Enander. Watch Piers and the rest of the DPS Koalas in 'The Shadow Campaign', produced by DPS Cinematic in association with Outdoor Research and Gore-Tex North America.
  3. Wailer RPC - Earlyups Test Sessions

    Wailer RPC - Earlyups Test Sessions

    Last season Earlyups launched into the game of organized gear tests. The Earlyups Test Sessions assembled a crew of Jackson skiers and tested a number of 'do-everything skis', calling it a "one-ski-quiver throwdown." DPS' Wailer 105 and Wailer RPC were a part of the test. With regards to the Wailer RPC, the verdict was: "in most conditions it’s an absolute blast... its strength is in its ability...
  4. Blister Gear Review - Wailer 105 T2

    Blister Gear Review - Wailer 105 T2

    Blister Gear Review is known for publishing extensive product reviews. For those who desire and appreciate a detailed look under the hood, BGR does just that. Last season, Jonathan Ellsworth, Founder and Editor of Blister spent half of the winter testing the new DPS Wailer 105 T2. His thoughts on the ski and new Hybrid T2 construction: "DPS now stands out...
  5. DPS is Hiring: Junior Graphic Designer

    DPS is Hiring: Junior Graphic Designer

    Junior Web/Print Designer - Part Time and Full Time Available We are looking for a Junior Graphic Designer to join us in our Salt Lake City office. The candidate will primarily assist in the design of website, print and online marketing materials. Primary Responsibilities: Image editing and file preparation for web and print. Creating original artwork for use on printed...
  6. Yvette 112RP2 Editor’s Choice

    Yvette 112RP2 Editor’s Choice

    We’re proud to announce that DPS’ Yvette 112RP2 received a 2015 Editor’s Choice from Backcountry Magazine. As stated by the Backcountry Magazine staff, “once an Editors’ Choice, the Yvette returns to the podium with an updated camber profile, which broadens its sweet spot.” Testers noted its playfulness, flotation and responsiveness in all but the worst conditions, saying “they’ve got it...
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  8. DPS Cinematic Presents: Sanctuary

    DPS Cinematic Presents: Sanctuary

    The lure of skiing South America is a topic that enters any serious skier’s mind. Once the Northern Hemisphere season concludes, and after enough time has passed through the off-season, the itch to get back on snow sends skiers dreaming of distant mountain ranges. DPS exists because of South American skiing. That’s not hyperbole. In fact, in the summer of...
  9. DPS’ Wailer 105 T2 Wins Freeskier Editor’s Choice

    DPS’ Wailer 105 T2 Wins Freeskier Editor’s Choice

    In its debut appearance in magazine on snow tests the new Wailer 105 T2 took home Freeskier’s Editor’s Choice for 2015. Labeled as a ski for those who “prefer powering through turns to smearing them,” the Freeskier staff were “impressed with its stability and carving capabilities, sharing comments like, carves like a World Cup slalom ski!” This year the Wailer...
  10. DPS Cinematic Goes Live with The Shadow Campaign

    DPS Cinematic Goes Live with The Shadow Campaign

    We are proud to announce the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the DPS storyline, our new film wing, DPS Cinematic. DPS Cinematic has been in the works for several years. The vision has remained constant: to create an annual line-up of fresh, artistic, festival-worthy film shorts released online. Throughout the journey we’ve prioritized: meaningful storytelling amidst storm-chasing and...

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