In-House Video Producer

Department: Marketing/Creative

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Job Title: In-House Video Producer

Type of Position: Part or Full-time


Please send your resume and demo reel and samples of your work to



DPS Skis is looking for a talented individual to join our team as a Video Producer. This is a part or full-time position (25-40hrs/week). As a Video Producer, you will be doing pre-production, production and post-production work creating video and photo content for DPS Skis.

Highly competitive candidates will have experience in any or all of the following areas of video and photo production (screenwriting; directing; camera operation; audio recording; post-production /editing; audio editing; color correction).



+ Proficient with Adobe Premiere.

+ Basic knowledge of Adobe After Effects.

+ Setup and operation of camera equipment.

+ Setup and operation of audio equipment.

+ Setup and operation of studio lighting.

+ Basic color grading skill set.

+ Active involvement in the pre-production process.

+ Ability to work in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign is a plus.

+ Excellent eye for good compositions.

+ Ability to manage multiple projects at once.

+ Strong organization skills.

+ Strong communication skills.

+ Can handle critiques of work and remain ready and willing to make revisions.

+ Coachable and willing and ready to learn.

+ Ability to be creative and work with limited resources.

+ A strong understanding of DPS products.

+ Be able to legally work in the United States.


Job tasks will include but are not limited to

+ Video post-production (editing video, editing audio, color correction, exporting and distribution).

+ Organizing extensive libraries of footage.

+ Shooting in-house video and still images for use in product videos, website content, and social media content.

+ Assist in organizing and setting up of both on-site and off-site productions.


Please send your resume and demo reel and samples of your work to


About DPS

Located at the base of the Wasatch Mountains in Salt Lake City, Utah, DPS designs the world’s most advanced ski products by fusing space-age carbon technology with groundbreaking shapes. DPS is responsible for the world’s first and only pure pre-pregnated carbon fiber sandwich ski, the first 120mm-waisted powder pintail, the first rockered ski with sidecut, the Spoon – a convex three-dimensional shoveled ski with radical edge bevel and Phantom, a paradigm-shifting permanent, one-time application environmentally friendly base-coating that eliminates the need for waxing skis and snowboards. DPS products are sold on five continents and are the trusted brand of choice for serious skiers worldwide.