Warranty + Returns

The DPS Guarantee

As craftsmen obsessed with building the world’s most advanced skis, we are equally committed to the satisfaction of our customers worldwide. The DPS Guarantee has two elements, which we believe are the most favorable in the ski industry:

1. The DPS Factory Demo Direct Program 
2. The DPS Warranty

The DPS Factory Demo Direct Program

For nearly a decade, DPS has successfully fitted thousands of skiers over the Internet and by phone. It’s an easy way to buy skis, eliminating lengthy buying trials and inaccurate referrals. DPS has pioneered remote ski fitting and we are confident in our ability of matching the right ski with passionate skiers around the globe. In fact, we guarantee the outcome through our Factory Direct Demo Program.

The program works as follows: Purchase skis direct from dpsskis.com. Once you receive them, ski them for three days within a fourteen day period, and if they aren’t the best skis you have ever tried since Howard Head glued metal onto a wood core, you can send them back for a full refund minus shipping at your cost, both ways. It’s simple and will give you confidence when buying direct from dpsskis.com. Unfortunately, this program is only available to North American customers at this time. You may also visit one of our Dealers if this is a more comfortable route for you.

The DPS Warranty

All DPS skis purchased new from DrakePowderworks, Inc. (“DPS” or “DPS Skis”) or an authorized DPS Skis dealer come with a two-year warranty against manufacturer defects and workmanship.

The DPS Skis warranty applies solely to the skis’ original owner.

While we try to make our skis as durable as possible, the warranty does not cover damage caused by excessive impact to any part of the ski. This may include impact damage from rocks, rails, trees, gondolas, chairlifts, concrete plazas, roads, parking lots, vehicles, airline travel, mistaking your skis for walking sticks, or any other type of activity. 

If approved, warranty resolution options may include:

  1. A no-cost replacement with a new pair of the same model, length, and construction.
  2. A replacement of a single, compromised ski.
  3. A free repair to your existing ski(s).
  4. A discount or credit that can be applied to any product of your choosing, availability depending. 

DPS strives to resolve all warranties within a two-week warranty resolution period. This two-week window begins when we have received all of the necessary customer and ski origin information (See below: How to Initiate a Warranty) and ends when a resolution option has been presented. If you request your warranty during ski season and need an expedited resolution, please contact us by phone once the warranty has been initiated and we will do our best to accommodate you.

How to Initiate a Warranty

Step one: Complete the Warranty Initiation Form

In order to initiate a warranty, please fill out the Warranty Initiation Form below. (For skis purchased from Backcountry.com, Evo, Sierra Trading Post, or REI, please contact the dealer directly. DPS will work with them to ensure your claim is resolved promptly.)

Your warranty is considered an active case upon receipt of the above requested information sent via the Warranty Initiation Form.

If you are a dealer, please include shop name as well as name of end customer. If you received your skis as a gift, please include both your name and the individual who purchased them.

If purchased direct from DPS Skis, please enter your original order number. If purchased from a dealer, please enter the name of the dealer where you purchased your skis, and upload proof of purchase that clearly illustrates your purchase date along with your pictures.

Please provide a brief description of the issue you are experiencing, as well as any relevant information you would like reviewed along with your claim.

Your warranty claim has now been submitted, and you will receive an email that contains your claim number shortly. DPS will review your claim and contact you via email with resolution options within two weeks. If you wish to provide additional information, you may do so by replying to your confirmation email, emailing warranty@dpsskis.com with your claim number in the subject line, or giving us a call at +1.801.413.1737 with your claim number handy.

Step two: Warranty Resolution

Once your warranty has been initiated, a DPS warranty specialist will contact you upon review of your claim. DPS strives to resolve all warranties within a two-week period, but we sincerely try to address the claim as soon as we are able. If you do not hear back from a warranty specialist immediately, please be patient. Sometimes it takes a couple days in order to fully evaluate the issue. If your situation is urgent, please give us a call at +1.801.413.1737 and we will do our best to accommodate you.

While we prefer to resolve warranties through digital photos via the Warranty Initiation Form, there are times when we must physically inspect a ski in order to determine if the warranty will be approved. In these cases, your warranty specialist will assign you an RA number and provide instructions for shipping to the DPS Factory in Salt Lake City, Utah. Please note that failure to ship skis according to the directions provided may delay the processing of your warranty.

Once the evaluation has been completed, your warranty specialist will inform you of resolution options. Upon your acceptance of a resolution option, we will need to account for the original skis. We may require you return them to us, and provide you with an RA number and instructions for shipping. If this is the case, you are responsible for any applicable shipping costs and logistics. If the skis are slated for destruction, you will be given the option to render them visibly un-skiable, and provide us with pictures confirming their destruction, instead of sending them back.

Warranty FAQ

I purchased my skis from an authorized DPS dealer. Should I contact DPS or the dealer to pursue my warranty?

It is up to you if you would like to process your warranty directly or through the dealer where you purchased your skis. We are happy to work with you directly, or to assist the dealer in resolving your claim. For skis purchased from Backcountry.com, Evo, Sierra Trading Post, or REI, please contact the dealer directly. DPS will work with them to ensure your claim is resolved promptly.

I purchased my skis from an authorized dealer that is not conveniently located. Can I initiate a warranty through my local DPS dealer instead?

We process warranties either directly with the customer, or with the dealer where the skis were originally purchased. If it is not convenient for you to work with the dealer where you purchased your skis, we ask that you contact us directly.

My skis are a model DPS no longer makes. What will they be replaced with?

If your skis were current in the DPS Skis season’s quiver on your date of purchase, they will be replaced with an identical model or newer, upon availability. If your skis were discontinued at the time of purchase, you will be offered a credit toward a replacement pair.

Can I get a different ski as a replacement?

DPS only replaces warranty skis with the identical length, model, and construction of the original skis purchased. The only exception is if an identical replacement is no longer available. In these cases, you will be presented with alternate replacement options based on availability.

DPS has recently launched a newer version of my skis. Can my replacement be in the form of the most current construction?

Upgrades to the most current construction are available for a fee. If this is of interest, please inquire with your warranty specialist if an upgrade is currently available.

I received my skis as a gift. Are they still covered?

Yes. But please obtain all of the necessary proof of purchase information required to initiate your claim before contacting DPS.

I have an approved warranty, but can’t give up my original skis until I have the replacements in hand. Will you ship the replacements in advance?

We understand that sometimes in ski season you can’t be without skis for the time it takes to get a replacement pair. If this is the case, we are always willing to charge you upfront for the full price of the replacement skis. You then have three months to return the originals to DPS for a full refund of your purchase price. Please note this requires prior authorization, and you must have an approved warranty in advance.

My skis are over two years old and no longer covered under warranty. What should I do?

For skis between two and five years old that exhibit signs of a manufacturing defect, we offer a discount on the replacement pair of your choosing in exchange for the original skis. This discount is percentage based with respect to your date of purchase, and can be applied to anything in the current DPS catalog.

Any warranty discounts offered must be processed directly through your warranty specialist. They are not valid on dpsskis.com, or at any of our dealers, unless prior authorization in obtained.

Skis over five years old are not eligible for warranty discounts of any kind.

My skis are out of warranty, but I only used them a few times. Am I still eligible for a replacement?

Our warranty period is based on a time frame that begins with your date of purchase. We do not consider usage or other unmeasurable factors in our warranty evaluation process.

I broke my skis via excessive impact, not a manufacturing defect. Will you still help me out?

We will always do our best to keep you on DPS, regardless of how your skis were damaged. For issues that are clearly not manufacturing defects, resolution options may include a used but comparable replacement for a minimal fee, a new single for half the price of a pair, or a discount on a pair of new or used skis in exchange for the unbroken, original single.

Ski breakage due to impact damage is evaluated on a case by case basis, at the discretion of your warranty specialist. Please keep in mind that the more honest you are with us regarding the damage to your skis, the better your resolution options will be.

My skis were purchased used. Are they still covered?

Used skis purchased direct from DPS that would otherwise be covered under warranty are eligible for replacement with an alternate used pair, depending on availability. Your warranty specialist will inform you of available used replacement options at the time of your approval.

Used skis purchased from authorized DPS dealers must be processed via the dealer. We will work with them in order to ensure an acceptable resolution is reached.

Used skis purchased from alternate outlets are not covered under warranty.

I have an approved warranty and/or RA number from a while back, but I never followed up. Is my warranty still valid?

All warranties are valid for three months after the approval date. Failure to accept your warranty resolution within that time period may lead to forfeiture of benefits.

If you are concerned circumstances may prevent you from accepting your warranty resolution within the three-month period, please let us know right away and we will do our best to accommodate you. However, prior authorization must be obtained.

Will unauthorized repairs completed at home, at a local ski shop, or in the backcountry void my warranty?

Permanantly altering or removing any part of the ski may void your warranty (expected ski maintenance, such as tunes, base grinds, and mounts, will not). Whenever possible, please contact DPS in advance of any questionable repairs. In cases of emergency, where a ski must be altered prior to a warranty claim being filed or DPS being contacted, please abide by the following suggestions to minimize the risk of voiding your warranty:

  • Take several photographs of the issue before altering the ski in any way.
  • Whenever possible, do not cut away part of the ski. Instead, use epoxy to secure it.
  • If a part of the ski does become unsecured, retain it.
  • If you intend to submit a warranty claim please do so as soon as you are able, and provide detailed information regarding your repair.

Will the use of threaded metal binding inserts affect my DPS Skis warranty coverage?

Though DPS Skis does not sell or mount threaded metal binding inserts (typically Quiver Killers or Binding Freedom), DPS does not discourage their use.  The impact of these inserts on the ski’s durability and retention is highly dependent on the installation.  A poor installation can easily compromise the integrity of the mount, and negatively affect the durability of the ski. Properly mounted inserts will not negatively impact the ski, and in some cases may add durability to the mount, long term.

The DPS ski warranty, therefore, does not cover any matter that may be related to an insert’s installation or durability of the mount.  All other factors on the warranty of the ski (such as edge, sidewall, topsheet, base, etc.) are not affected by the use of a metal binding insert.