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Where can I order DPS Skis from?
We can ship to anywhere in the world provided a shipping company services your area.
Can you ship to U.S Post Offices?
Unfortunately, no, as we use FedEx in the United States and they do not deliver to post offices. We require a physical address instead of a PO Box number. We do deliver to all APO addresses.
How fast will my skis and goods ship?
Provided the items you ordered are in stock, they will typically ship within 2 business days.
Can my order be expedited?
Yes, we can likely overnight your order to anywhere in the world for an additional cost if you need to catch the next heli. Please contact us for expedited shipping options 801-413-1737.
How do you package my order?
All skis are carefully packaged and shipped in cardboard boxes. If you order skis and another larger item (i.e. skis and a ski bag and bindings), your order will likely ship in two separate boxes with two unique tracking numbers—although you will only be charged the flat rate quoted during checkout. If we can fit smaller items inside a ski box to accompany a ski order, we will.
Do you offer expedited shipping?
Yes. For special shipping needs, after placing your order on, please contact us directly to make any modifications that are above and beyond what is offered in your shopping cart at checkout. We’re here to help.
Do you offer gift-wrapping?
No. However, give us a call and we’ll see what we can do to help. We can’t promise anything, but there is a chance we’ll be able to do something special for you, or the recipient.
What shipping companies do you use?
We ship using FedEx for North America, Asia, South America, and Australasia. Please note: with FedEx we cannot ship to Post Office (PO) Boxes, so we kindly request an alternative physical address. For all European orders, we ship using Kuehne + Nagel.
I placed my order, but my tracking number is not ‘live’?
After placing your order you will be issued a tracking number sent to you via email along with your order invoice. However, tracking numbers often take up to 24 hours to become ‘live’, and we kindly ask that you re-check your number after 24 hours before contacting us.
Why was my credit card declined?
If you receive a credit card declined message after placing your order, please check with your bank company first to ensure that you have sufficient funds. We have also noticed with European credit cards, especially from Sweden and Norway, that the customer must call their bank to pre-approve the purchase. This is a security preference that is often found on large, international orders.
What do I need to know about international shipping?
DPS operates two shipping facilities: one in Utah, the other in Germany. With these two strategic locations, we can ship skis to almost anywhere in the world, with fast, secure, and affordable shipping. So, whether you’re in Russia, Japan, Australia, or Brazil—if you order on, you don’t need to worry. DPS charges the following shipping costs by territory:
USA: 40 USD for one pair / 50 USD for two pairs / quiver for free (three pairs)
  • Canada: 90 USD for one pair / 110 USD for two pairs / quiver for free (three pairs)
  • Europe: 75 USD for one pair / 85 USD for two pairs / quiver for free (three pairs)
  • Asia & Oceania: 160 USD for one pair / 180 USD for two pairs / quiver for free (three pairs)
  • South America: 160 USD for one pair / 180 USD for two pairs / quiver for free (three pairs)
For shipments outside of the US, the shipping price listed on your invoice is for the shipment to your address, but it does not cover any duties that may be billed by your country’s customs office on the value of your skis or store items. We can’t alter shipping values. Your customs documentations will reflect the actual amount paid for your skis/order.
  • Norway: 70 USD per pair, on average.
  • Sweden: 60 USD per pair, on average.
  • UK: 70 USD per pair, on average.
  • Canada: Canada: No charge. However, isolated cases of Canadian customs charging customers has been reported, and can run up to $100 CDN, though rare.
  • Japan: 45 USD per pair, on average.
  • Switzerland: 15 USD per pair, on average.
  • France, Germany, Austria and Italy: 60 USD per pair, on average.
Will I be charged taxes or custom fees if I order from USA: Orders placed with a billing address in Utah will be charged the appropriate state sales tax of 6.85%. EU: All customers will be charged VAT at 19%, per EU regulations. Note: DPS can not alter shipping values on customs forms. Your customs documentations will reflect the actual amount paid, plus 19% VAT.