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What does DPS stand for?
DPS stands for: Drake PowderworkS, which is a nod to founder Stephan Drake—and to DPS’ roots and mission-oriented dedication to global powder culture.
When was DPS founded?
DPS was founded in 2005 when a partnership between skier/ski designer Stephan Drake and longtime ski engineer Peter Turner was formed. However, DPS’ roots go back to 2003, when Stephan Drake co-founded DB Skis (Drake-Boinay) with Swiss partner, Cyrille Boinay. DB is forever known for early carbon fiber ski developments and introducing the word “rocker” to the ski industry. When DB dissolved in 2004, Drake partnered with Peter Turner, and founded DPS. Learn more about DPS’ history on People+Places.
Where is DPS located?
DPS is located in Salt Lake City, Utah home to both our headquarters and our state-of-the-art factory that manufactures our Alchemist and Tour1 construction skis.
Where are DPS skis made?
The entire DPS Alchemist and Tour1 lines are made in DPS’ wholly owned and operated ski factory on the Wasatch Front in Utah, USA. The entire DPS Foundation line is made in a manufacturing facility in China.
Where can I buy DPS skis?
DPS skis can be purchased either on dpsskis.com, or at any of DPS’ nearly 200 dealers on five continents. If you need help selecting or purchasing a ski, you can call +1.801.413.1737 Monday-Friday, 9 AM-5 PM MDT, or use the ‘Contact’ tab on the website to send an email. Our phone and email ski fitting is an art, and we’re confident we will fit you with the perfect ski, or you can return it using our Factory Demo Direct Program. You can also find a DPS dealer near you on our dealer locator, on dpsskis.com.
Is DPS the only Pure Carbon Fiber Sandwich ski maker?
Yes. DPS is the only company making sandwich construction skis with pure prepreg carbon fiber laminates. We pioneered the technology and have evolved it over the last ten years. Our latest iteration is called Alchemist—found exclusively in our Pure line. Many ski makers claim to make carbon fiber skis, but these are often dry carbon laminates; mixed with fiberglass in a wet layup. Whereas, prepreg carbon is the ultimate precision construction—exact distribution of resin for the ultimate in strength and flex consistency. The highest performance structures built today, such as jet fighters and spacecraft, use the same process. If you see other carbon sandwich skis in a shop or in person, feel the weight difference between it and a Alchemist DPS ski. Also, bend and twist the ski torsionally—you will notice that most ”carbon” skis on the market twist easily just like a fiberglass ski. A DPS Alchemist ski will feel infinitely more solid and have a ridiculously long shelf life with nearly the same pop and feel on your tenth season as your first.
Where can I learn more about the DPS team—its engineers, designers, and workers?
You can learn about the entire DPS Crew—from ski designers to office grunts on our microsite—People+Places. The website is currently under development and is expected to launch in the Fall of 2017.
Does DPS have an athlete team?
The short answer: yes; the are called DPS Koalas. The long answer: as follows… For years DPS shunned the route of a ‘traditional’ athlete team based on the belief that despite the attention that a ripping, big-name skier can sometimes bring to a brand, that relationship is all-too-often smoke and mirrors. Allegiances change, skiers come and go, and more often than not—it’s all about the money. We also believe, and continue to believe, that even though we make skis for some of the world’s best skiers, our focus should remain there—building the very best tools for people all over the world so that they can access new realms of pleasure. In 2012, we started our athlete program with a mandate to build a different model. DPS does have athletes, we call them the DPS Koalas—for no particular reason other than we like the name. When we form a partnership with a Koala, we are looking for skiers that want to be on the world’s best skis, and those who are genuinely committed to the DPS vision and mission—that want to be part of the DPS family for years and years to come. It sounds cheesy, but our Koalas aren’t just athletes, they’re family; and want them to be lifelong DPS’ers. You can learn more about the DPS Koalas on People+Places, found on the main navigation on dpssskis.com.