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Is DPS the only Pure Carbon Fiber Sandwich ski maker?
Yes. DPS is the only company making sandwich construction skis with pure prepreg carbon fiber laminates. We pioneered the technology and have evolved it over the last ten years. Our latest iteration, which launched in this year, is called Alchemist—and is found exclusively in our Alchemist line. Many ski makers claim to make carbon fiber skis, but these are often dry carbon laminates; mixed with fiberglass in a wet layup. Whereas, prepreg carbon is the ultimate precision construction—exact distribution of resin for the ultimate in strength and flex consistency. The highest performance structures built today, such as jet fighters and spacecraft, use the same process. If you see other carbon sandwich skis in a shop or in person, feel the weight difference between it and an Alchemist DPS ski. Also, bend and twist the ski torsionally—you will notice that most ”carbon” skis on the market twist easily just like a fiberglass ski. A DPS Alchemist ski will feel infinitely more solid and have a ridiculously long shelf life with nearly the same pop and feel on your tenth season as your first.
Why are your graphics so simple?
The art on our skis is intentionally minimalistic and centers on the quiet mystery encountered during a slide across deep snow. When you ski deep powder, your mind is clear; our skis are a direct reflection of that state of mind. They’ve been this way since the beginning with no signs of changing.
What are Special Edition skis?
Every summer DPS releases a limited run of Alchemist construction skis during our Dreamtime event—Special Editions (SE). Special Editions are one-time creations from the DPS Design Studio, and the ski art is never reproduced again. These are one-of-a-kind. Due to limited runs and the rarity factor, Special Edition sellout is common. Occasionally, we have Special Edition skis in stock during the season. Be sure to check in frequently to see if a Special Edition becomes available.
Does DPS offer custom skis?
On special request, and for a substantially higher price than our Alchemist skis, we do offer custom made skis made from our Powderworks Labratory. Please contact us to learn more. However, we believe that the design and engineering that goes into each DPS ski will satisfy the needs of the most demanding riders, in terrain around the world.
Where can I learn more about the DPS team—its engineers, designers, and workers?
You can learn about the entire DPS Crew—from ski designers to office grunts on our microsite—People + Places that will launch Fall of 2017.