The DPS Factory is a modern American repatriation story.

After nearly a decade of overseas manufacturing, DPS opened a state-of-the-art factory on the Wasatch Front in Utah. It was a movewe wanted to make for years, and after careful planning, in January 2013 it was finally completed. The benefits are profound as we deepen our roots and heritage in Utah. Notable highlights: The DPS Factory now employs over twenty-five area workers, our research and design capabilities have expanded infinitely, and exciting innovations continue to emerge. For example, the Utah factory nurtured the birth of the now iconic Spoon—the first ski produced at the facility—and Spoon Technology, as well the advent of DPS' new carbon construction, Alchemist, a ground-up redesign of our award-winning Pure construction.

We look forward to sharing stories and innovations from the DPS Factory for years to come.