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Yvette 112RP2 Editor’s Choice

We’re proud to announce that DPS’ Yvette 112RP2 received a 2015 Editor’s Choice from Backcountry Magazine. As stated by the Backcountry Magazine staff, “once an Editors’ Choice, the Yvette returns to the podium with an updated camber profile, which broadens its sweet spot.” Testers noted its playfulness, flotation and responsiveness in all but the worst conditions, saying “they’ve got it figured out and everyone else is still trying to catch up.” The Yvette 112RP2 is fresh of the heels of the Lotus 120 Spoon, which took home the coveted award last fall. This year the Lotus 120 Spoon received Backcountry Magazine’s Gear Guide Select in addition to the new Cassiar 95. The Cassiar 95 was noted to be “svelte by DPS standards… it carves like a resort ski, and has the weight and flat tail of a mountaineering board. You think, and they turn on a dime.” Backcountry Magazine’s test was held at Utah’s Powder Mountain in March 2014, hosting a crew of ripping men and women skiers for a week—testing 2014-15 gear from the world’s leading brands. Detailed reviews are available in September 2014's Backcountry Magazine and at Backcountry Magazine Online. Shop the Yvette 112RP2, Lotus 120 Spoon, Cassiar 95, and our complete 14/15 quiver on dpsskis.com today, or at dealers worldwide.